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I am Writing Coach Teresa Jade LeYung who teaches my clients (writers and artists) how to reach out, not stress out, before and after publication — identify themes and archetypes in your intellectual properties (manuscripts), pitches, query letters, press releases, talking-points, one-minute videos, photo slideshows, and the all-mighty blog.  If you are a writer/artist or have friends who are writers/artists, please visit for resources.


See the exercises in my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days (in print edition and Kindle e-book edition)

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 Reach out, not stress out!

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       Coach Teresa Jade LeYung


 What Coach Teresa’s clients say about her:

“Teresa, you work hard at reading one’s work, dissecting each word, and giving detailed feedback along with on-the-spot suggestions that lead to a greater story. Your editing/coaching skills are like no other. I value them with the utmost respect.” – Edward C. Hartshorn, author of children’s books


“Ok Teresa, You have done it!  I thought I was done with writing for a while, but no, you had to rekindle my writer’s inner Fire…  And, for platform-building – excellent advice!  I give you the green light.” – Gilles Marin, author, master-teacher; Director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, California, USA; Co-directeur de  l’institut de Chi Nei Tsang, Nice, FRANCE


“What a gift you are, Coach Teresa! You do such a fantastic job of coaching, interviewing and supporting writers. I treasure you for all you’ve done for me and other writers.”   – Carol A. Sheldon, author of the Gwen Harris mystery series


“I call Coach Teresa Jade LeYung a woman of a thousand pictures. She helps writers of all genres create and re-establish their ‘platform statements’ and shows them how to broadcast (even in photo file names!) to attract agents, publishers, the media, and fans. Even if you already have a huge fanbase, you still need a platform.” – Rita Lakin, author of the Gladdy Gold mystery series

“Teresa, what you did for me was to help me undergo a paradigm shift, a complete transformation of my writing.  I just reread parts of my original manuscript and compared and contrasted the chapters with my latest re-write.  You helped me learn how to tell stories by using experience-oriented language. Thank you!”Christopher K. Eng, author, chaplain, pastor, Tai Chi teacher