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Day 5 of 22 – Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days

What tags (keywords and phrases) would help your fans find you and your writings?

Cheers from Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

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26 Responses to “Day 5 of 22 – Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days”

  • Anorexia, yoga, body image, eating disorder, self-love, beyond acceptance, compassion, best friend, Pema Chodron, Anusara Yoga, food, binging, awareness

  • admin says:

    Kimber’s tags help her fans find her. Brava, Kimber!

    Writing Career Coach Teresa

    Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

  • Grier Cooper says:

    YA, ballerina, School of American Ballet, performing arts, alcoholism, intervention, Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, ballet class, dating, personal power, auditions, Universal support

  • admin says:

    Hi, Grier,
    Your tags hook attention. Bravissima!
    Day 5 already; only 16 more days to go, then celebration on Day 22.
    I cheer for you!
    Coach Teresa

  • Hi Teresa, Here are the tags I came up with: memoir, childhood memoir, suicide, mother’s suicide, motherless daughters, orphan, stepmother, parental loss, abused children, neglected children, sisters, children triumphing over adversity, parental death, childhood trauma, father’s death.
    Laura McHale Holland

  • admin says:

    Laura, your tags touch my heart and I just know your themes touch many many hearts. Also I know that you are an award-winning playwright. Did you know that Fringe of Marin Festival accepts new submissions every year? 15-minute plays. Contact Annette Lust, Creative Director, through and ask her what their submission guidelines are this year. I look forward to seeing you soon. Will you be at April 15 meeting ?
    Wishing you joy and light!
    Coach Teresa

  • Tags: amputee, amputation, losing your hands, electric hands, coma, flesh-eating disease, full life support, recovery, rehabilitation, depression, food stamps, rebuilding your life, rediscovery, building a family, adoption, becoming a father, becoming a father of adopted children, hand transplants, feeling good in your own skin, finding self-confidence

  • admin says:

    Oh my! Your tags tell a plotline. Bravo!
    Keep going to the finishing line at the 22nd day.
    I’m cheering for you and Scott Martin!
    Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Teresa!

    Here are my tags:
    glacier, rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, women climbing, female climber, Colorado, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Flattop mountain, Ptarmigan Glacier, relationship, dating, healing miracle, angels, angel guidance, Sonoma County, Yosemite, Desolation Wilderness, Pinnacles National Monument, technical climbing, anniversary reaction, anniversary grief, healing ritual, release ritual, healing a relationship, forgiveness, healing meditation, near death experience, life threatening experience, writing as healing tool, power of intention, goal setting

  • admin says:

    Your tags are breath-taking and truly awesome!
    Keep going.
    I’m cheering for you!
    Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

  • Lea Page says:

    These are my tags: parents, parenting, mothers, mothering, family life, family rhythm, harmony, journey, compass, transformation, raising children, child development, authority, discipline, judgment, ennobling behavior, choices, freedom and responsibility, chores, gratitude, sharing, generosity, play, lying, trust.

  • Diana Lynn says:

    Here are my tags: woman in transition, empty nest, struggling, stay at home mom, unappreciated, neglected, re-evaluate, internal conflict, married, husband, self love, secret, kids, children, forgiveness, happiness

  • susan keller says:

    cancer, lymphoma, miracle, survival, memoir, life-changing, chemotherapy, genetic match, joy, denial, heartbreak, grit, determination, suffering, growth, change, stem cell transplant, Stanford, Kaiser, mantle cell lymphoma, lost brother

  • admin says:

    Dear author Susan Zuzu Keller,

    More and more fans will find you through the compelling “tags” in your medical memoir, THE PROSE AND CONS OF CANCER.
    I suggest adding “true grit” as a tag and I applaud your courage and advocacy.

    Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan
    author of BUILD YOUR WRITER’S PLATFORM & FANBASE IN 22 DAYS: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

  • Here are my tags: quilting, quilts, spirit, spirituality, creativity, creative process, overcoming obstacles, breakthroughs, calling, purpose, authenticity, freedom, free, dream work, inner work, heart work, forgiveness, forgiving, unhealthy habits, fears, overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination, roadblocks, holy boldness, Holy Boldness, Jesus, Creator, God, decoding dreams, spiritual growth, dream symbols

  • writing books; Henry Ossawa Tanner; being an artist; novels about artists; novels about black towns; Octavia Butler; Toni Morrison; novels about black women; novels about black artists; novels about the Lower East Side; novels about NYC; novels about New York City; novels about the projects; novels about black girls; young adult novels about black girls; stories about parenting; stories about Oakland; stories about indigenous people; coming of age stories; stories about summer camp; stories about high school girls; stories about gentrification in Oakland; stories about houseboats; stories about interracial relationships; creative writing; storytelling; motivational writing; writer’s block

  • Hi Teresa,
    Here’s my list of tags: young adult, fantasy, adventure, strong female, magical gifts, supernatural powers, kingdom, quest, journey, nature, family, inner strength, inner demons, spirits, swords, mountains, basin, persuasive

  • Monica Gillman Gavia says:

    Hello Teresa, (some of these tags deal with the 2nd and 3rd books)

    creative non-fiction, slavery in California, California Gold Rush, placer county, Granite quarries, Penryn California, prejudice, minority land ownership in California, discrimination, internment, segregation, loss and redemption, deceptive relationship, out-of-wedlock, mulatto, inheritance rights, family relationship, death and remarriage, japanese internment camps, orphan, Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, Penryn Citrus Colony

  • admin says:

    Dear author Monica Gillman Gavia,
    Your “relationship tags” are most compelling — slavery in California, discrimination, internment, segregation, loss and redemption, deceptive relationship, out-of-wedlock, mulatto, inheritance rights, family relationship, death and remarriage, japanese internment camps, orphan, Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, prejudice, minority land ownership in California.
    “Relationship tags” plus “era and location tags” (California Gold Rush, placer county, Granite quarries, Penryn California, Penryn Citrus Colony) help your fans find you with ease. Brava!
    Please look for my email of January 28, 2017 to you.
    Cheering for you!
    Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

  • Dear Teresa, here are the tags I came up with:
    In order of use on my blog site (most used first) – Generosity; stewardship; giving; church vitality; United Methodist; Generosity Plan; Enough; Ecumenical Stewardship Center; Church funding; Bible; Financial commitment; stewardship campaign; grace; consumerism; contentment
    Others – Afire With God; Stewardship: Nurturing Generous Living; stewards; gospel stewards; generous stewards; firstfruits; First Fruits Living; stewardship and culture; Commitment Circle; culture of generosity; extravagant generosity; stewardship of the earth.

  • T. L. Kels says:

    Hi Teresa,
    These are the tags I came up with for my novel:
    Young Adult, Fantasy, World Building, Magic, Action, Adventure, Strong Female Lead, Identity, Meaning of Home, Meaning of Family, Forgiveness of Self, Trust,

    For my short stories:
    Fantasy, Science Fiction, Future, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult, Young people changing the world

  • admin says:

    Dear Author T.L. Kels,

    What impressive credentials!

    Thank you for finding my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days. Have fun going to the finishing line on Day 22!

    I am cheering for you, your mighty tags, and your finding the right agent for your debut novel!

    Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan
    Programs for Writers! June 10-17, 2017, June 11 Mini Conference, Literary Stage at San Mateo County Fair – California Writers Club

  • Joy Hemp says:

    Here are my tags.
    inspirational. uplifting, affirmations, positive thought, self help

  • Hi Coach Teresa, I didn’t know the tag words had to actually be in the blog!
    I will have to work them in, or else delete them as tags, and find others. For example, I have (tag) The Berkeley Girl, but not Berkeley and Girl, separately. And I have 1968, but “60s” is what I use most often. Big revelation!

    My current tags: 1968, Paris, London, activism, feminism (feminist is there!), historical fiction, literature, The Berkeley Girl, writing process.

    I’m done for today! Elise Frances Miller

  • admin says:

    Dear Author Elise Frances Miller,
    You have mighty tags = keywords to help more readers find you and your books and stories.
    Continue having fun finding more ways to help fans find You!
    Cheering for You!
    Teresa LeYung-Ryan
    Platform-building and Fanbase-building Coach for Writers

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement! Elise

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