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Is there a Database of Literary Agents?

“Yes!” says Writing-Career-Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan.  Read on…

AAR is the Association of Authors’ Representatives.
Authors looking for agents can search in the AAR database by choosing genre/categories:
After you identify the agents who specialize in your genre, go to the agents’ websites and follow submission guidelines. It’s okay to
query more than one agent at a time.
Querying = asking an agent if he/she would like to read part or all of your manuscript.

When an agent asks to read your entire manuscript (“ms”) and you want this agent to do that, then you give this agent an exclusive reading time, typically 2 or 3 weeks. You cannot give exclusive reading time to more than one agent at a time since an agent would be investing her/his time in reading your entire ms. You do NOT send your entire ms. to someone who has not asked to see it.

Also, look at Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents – (available at libraries and bookstores)

Reach out, not stress out.


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