I visited my dear pal Martha Alderson’s most helpful blog for plot  http://plotwhisperer.blogspot.com/ Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple by Martha Alderson

Hi, Martha,
Your plot coaching is priceless. I like your analogy “Do like Hollywood movie directors and cup your hands around one eye like a telescope. Write about that one moment in your story.”

As a manuscript consultant, I get to read stories that carry profound themes and I know my clients have spent years working on their projects.

A mistake I often come across is not enough “showing…with sensory details” and too much “summarizing” or “editorializing.” That’s when I’ll ask my client “Have you looked at Martha’s blog or book?”

I guest-blogged on Nina Amir’s about how to make one’s manuscript compelling http://writenonfictioninnovember.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/how-to-make-your-manuscript-compelling/

In that post, I referenced The Woman Warrior, Woven of Water, The Other Mother, Angela’s Ashes–all four memoirs have smooth plotlines with what you’d call “Cause and Effect” linked scenes.

I see your new post:

Happy New Year, Int’l Plot Consultant Martha! Thank you for doing your magic!

Teresa LeYung Ryan
Writing-Career Coach/”22 Pages Manuscript Consultant”

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One Response to “Not Enough Scenes, Too Much Summary?”

  • Thank you, Teresa, for your very kind words! I remember the workshops we’ve done together over the years with fondness. Amazing to see how far we’ve both come!!
    Lots of love,

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