April is National Poetry Month but every day is poetry.  When I listen to songs, I tend to remember the lyrics before I can remember the melodies.  Commercials hook me when I hear poetry in them.

Here are poets I pay attention to.  They all wear many brilliant hats.

  • Yolande Barial, founder of Your Words Project.  You just have to meet Yolande and hear her poetry, her spoken word.  Please add audio to your blog.  http://yolandebarial.wordpress.com/

    My hat off to you, Martha, Joan, Deborah, Yolande, Maxine!



    Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan says: “Build your name, beat the game, be happily published.”  http://WritingCoachTeresa.com

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    One Response to “Poems, Poetry, Poets Not Just in April”

    • Chandra Garsson says:

      Thank you for informing about so much, Teresa! I’m aware of Joan Gelfand, I heard her read at Escape From New York Pizza, along with Jan Steckel, both friends on facebook, Jan in real life. I am also quite well acquainted and friends on facebook with Kim mcMillon, and I know her work. I did not know of her blog. Such a small world, especially for the poets and artists. I loved Martha Clark Scalla’s poetry, particularly the one about the mosaic lion.

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