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Coach Teresa Jade LeYung (formerly Teresa LeYung-Ryan) here to encourage you to pursue more and more resources . . . by subscribing to my blog My blog posts will lead you to other people who can also help you polish your craft and further build your platform – build your network. If you are not in the vicinity of the events I blog about . . . please look at the names of the people who are referenced in my posts, go to their websites by clicking on the links I provide or your keying their names in a search engine like Google. The people I blog about will lead you to their colleagues, and so on.

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More ways to build your platform and fanbase? See the exercises in my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days (in print edition and Kindle e-book edition)

    Author / Manuscript & Theme Consultant / Platform & Fanbase-Building

Coach Teresa Jade LeYung

teaches writers how to polish their manuscripts, articulate their platform statements,

and build their fanbases by identifying THEMES and ARCHETYPES,

before and after publication.

Coach Teresa Jade LeYung can show you how to transform

your email signature-blocks, photos and videos, and

website descriptions into platform statements . . .

to attract target audience/readers, agents,publishers, booksellers, media . . .

before and after publication.


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan was honored to respond to Christy Pinheiro’s interview invitation

 Click here to view Coach Teresa answering the questions “What is a platform?” and “How do you build a fanbase?”

 on CBS Bay Sunday with Host Frank Mallicoat (produced by Akilah Bolden-Monifa)


Experts for finding employment;  Coach Teresa’s dream teams   Richard Bolles What  Color  Is Your Parachute  ?  books  Rebecca Martin   , founder of dear jane…, a career advisement company…, believes that people can succeed in landing the “perfect” job if they can first identify what is right for them.

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan “Reach out, not stress out. Wear the two hats – writer and promoter – with ease.”

Mary E. Knippel, writing coach, creativity coach and developmental editor  is the definitive website for writers looking for plot and scene development help. Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson is Teresa’s plotting coach.     Luisa Adams    is an award winning writer, educator, workshop leader, and Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant. Margie Yee Webb is an author who advocates animal welfare and pet adoption and a producer of the movie FEMME: Women Healing the World Coach Teresa recommends Elisa Sasa Southard‘s book. Sasa is Teresa’s talking-tagline coach. Certified Tour Director Sasa Southard is creator of Big City Travel Skills  C  ustom websites/blogs and training  -  remarkable Linda Lee is Teresa’s cyberspace coach is a resource for conscious living, spirituality, metaphysics, writing classes, and the sacred feminine mysteries. Marie Elena Gaspari combines a thirty-year background of study, practice and instruction in her classes and services.  As a Life Path Counselor, Patricia Windom believes that each of us can live to our full potential when we acknowledge the connection to higher consciousness Yolande Barial Knight, columnist for Tracy Press; contributing author in anthologies; founder of Your Words Project Professor Sheryl Fairchild teaches Women’s Studies, Global Women’s Issues, and Psychology of Women.


Organizations that Coach Teresa is a member of or recommends: California Writers Club   –   19 branches in California and still growing! San Francisco Peninsula Branch of CWC usually meets at Belmont Library, Belmont, CA       This branch sponsors the Redwood Writers Conference.  ASIAN AMERICAN WOMEN ARTISTS ASSOCIATION (AAWAA)  California Lawyers for the Arts    Women’s National Book Association   San Francisco Chapter of Women’s National Book Association     Dystel & Goderick Literary Management, NY (Teresa LeYung Ryan’s agent is Stacey Glick, VP at DGLM)
    Kensington Publishing Corp., New York (Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s editor for first edition of Love Made of Heart is John Scognamiglio)   Chinese Historical Society of America   Association for Asian American Studies  The Asian American Writers’ Workshop


Developmental Editors, Writing Coaches, Publication Experts, and more dream teams:

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Mary E. Knippel, writing coach, creativity coach and developmental editor

Vicki Weiland, book doctor/developmental editor and video scriptwriter specializing in fine arts, history, and business

Lori Noack, publication and project specialist

Lynn Scott says: “As an editor I help writers, new and seasoned, transform their non-fiction manuscripts into polished page-turners.”

More Professionals:

Angie Choi’s book  My Dreams: A Simple Guide to Dream Interpretation shows how dreams help us solve problems in our waking world.  Christy Pinheiro‘s books help authors get published and reviews for their books  Darlene Frank is creativity coach, editor and nonfiction book consultant    novelist Kemble Scott / journalist Scott James

Lakshmi Hannah Kerner, freelance editor  Laurel Anne Hill crafts stories with inspirational premises     Martha Clark Scala, MFT is the author of Feel Better in the Mourning: Give Grief a Voice, a psychotherapist, a presenter, and a real Listener.    Pat Holt’s website ! about books and the book industry written by Pat Holt, former Book Review Editor and Critic for The San Francisco Chronicle   Pete Masterson  , Publishing Consultant at Aeonix Publishing Group  ;  author of  Book Design and Production: A Guide for Authors and Publishers   Shelley Singer taught a class at U.C.Berkeley Ext.–that’s where Teresa learned how to write an enticing query letter and the nuts-and-bolts of publishing. 

More Organizations for Writers:    San Francisco Writers Conference. (Teresa LeYung-Ryan and Elisa Sasa Southard have been presenters since 2004; Mary E. Knippel & Teresa LeYung-Ryan present “Edit Your Own Manuscript” at SFWC)    Sisters In Crime SinC was founded in 1986 and is now 3600 members strong in 48 chapters world-wide, offering networking, advice and support to mystery authors.  Stone Soup    for young writers and artists   Writer Advice (an excellent resource and a “fun” place to go to; B. Lynn Goodwin is the editor) Writers Forum (created by  Marlene Cullen) is a monthly series of literary workshops exploring many avenues of writing–Petaluma, CA

Book Clubs & Magazine Clubs: Track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read.    Christopher Wachlin is co-editor of The Stoneslide Corrective – a weekly e-magazine and annual print magazine; they publish fiction, humor, satire, and other unnamed forms of sublimity.

More Artists, Authors, Journalists, Poets:

Barbara Santos is the marketing director of San Francisco Writers Conference and the San Francisco Writing for Change conference. She is founder of SANTOS!PR and author 

Bardi Rosman Koodrin is literary director https://carrythelight2013.wordpress.comand

Carmen Lee founded Stamp Out Stigma 

Chandra Garsson is artist and filmmaker  and

Deborah Grossman (an avid food and wine writer) brings a journalist’s eye to any project 

Diane Warner is an advocate of 

Judith Marshall is author of the remarkable novel Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever 

Kim McMillon is literacy advocate extraordinaire. Arts in the Valley is hosted by Kim McMillon on 1480 KYOS in Merced, CA. Merced County has a vibrant arts community that Arts in the Valley showcases along with local and national authors.

Marcia Naomi Berger is author and marriage meeting maven

Margaret Davis (sociologist) is a brilliant novelist

Winifred McCaffrey is a memoirist who sheds light on civil wars, American expatriates, mental illness 

More helpful Organizations for Writers:  United States Copyright Office, a department of the Library of Congress    American Booksellers Association (for lists of independent bookstores in the U.S., tradeshows, regional booksellers’ organizations, and book festivals)  Association of Authors’ Representatives (literary agents)  How to Write a Query Letter in 7 Steps (Thank you, Martin Cavannagh)    by Bowker      California School Library Association  California Reading Association    Friends of Libraries, USA   Library of Congress   Media Alliance is a  media resource and advocacy center for media workers, non-profit organizations, and social justice activists. Their mission is excellence, ethics, diversity, and accountability in all aspects of the media in the interests of peace, justice, and social responsibility.

NCCBA – Google “Northern California  Children’s Booksellers Association” to get contact information    Northern California Independent Booksellers Association    Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association   Publishers Weekly  Shawguides -a d irectory of writers’ organizations, classes, workshops and conferences. 

And, here are some of the indie booksellers I cheer for!  Indie Booksellers !      Laurel Book Store, Oakland, CA     Book Passage in Corte Madera and San Francisco, CA     Books Inc. in California    BookShop West Portal, San Francisco, CA    Copperfield’s Books in California    The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA    Kepler’s Bookstore in Menlo Park, CA    Powell’s Books in Oregon

And, here’s Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Other Extraordinary People: Carmen Lee founded Stamp Out Stigma – a consumer driven advocacy and educational outreach program designed to make positive changes in the public perception of mental illness and inform the community about the personal, social, economic and political challenges faced by people living with mental illness.   The Work, founded by Byron Katie, is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question thoughts that cause all the suffering in the world. It’s a way to understand what’s hurting you, and to address your problems with clarity. The books are helpful too.  Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements:  a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Constructive Living: Outgrow Shyness, Depression, Fear, Stress, Grief, Chronic Pain the book by David K. Reynolds.  Patricia Ryan Madsen