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I am most joyful when I can pass on knowledge to anyone who wants to help herself/himself succeed in her/his field.

Today I received an email from my sister (who had been a reluctant-blogger), but because of her job she will be blogging consistently.  Brava!

Here’s my comment to her post:

Dear Ms. Leung (aka Sis),
I am so happy to be reading your blog for your kindergarten class. You’re an expert in your field; experts write columns/journals/logs. Blog is just an abbreviation for Weblog. Your blog posts not only record your students’ progress but also provide resources for the parents and your colleagues and mentees.
Happy blogging!
Teresa LeYung Ryan, author of the novel Love Made of Heart; creator of the 22-minutes for 22 days workbook Build My Writer’s Name and Platform: Attract Agents, Acquisition Editors, Publishers, and Readers

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