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2024 May 29, 17:55;  May 30, 12:04 – at Chez SGC, California USA

Sasa's roses - photo by Teresa Jade LeYung, May 2024

Dear Readers,


The suffering in this world …  the enormities of disasters … what can I do to ease the pain?

I have faith that if I share information relating to health which I’ve been fortunate to gain, surely the energy would help someone who would help someone else, on and on.

I am staying at dear friends’ home, however, not near wonderful chiropractor Dr. Jae Reed, D.C. to get treatments – Neuro Integration System and Neuro Emotional Technique…

Luckily, I found another wonderful chiropractor – Dr. Kerry Lilley, D.C.

baguette sandwich, quiche, greens - photo by Teresa Jade LeYung, Paris FRANCE 2024

Why do I need a chiropractor?

The apartment in Paris I was in from March 1 – 26 was beautifully furnished, however, the person (who lived in the apartment above the one I was in) did not honor “Apartment-Living Rules”.  She would come home at all hours… walk in clunky shoes (fast walking too), and, she probably had removed floor rugs. The vibrations rolling across parquet floor when the entire building is quiet = unhealthy energy over my head.

Around 3:00am on March 4th,  my brain so tired from the disturbance… I thought taking a shower would do me good.

I forgot that the high-wall bathtub … I would need to “ride side saddle” going in and coming out.

I fell.. coming out of the tub.

The height of the bathtub wall is 22 inches while the distance from my knee joint to my foot is about 16 inches.

[ Thank you, Marisa, for having taught me how to fall safely (Aikido wisdom) ]

At the time, I thought only my right knee sustained minimal impact.  Wrong.

During my last two weeks in City of Light… my wanting to join my friends, I used Le Métro (Paris subway) … oh the stairs and more stairs … I realized that the right side of my body had been injured.

Last week, I learned from Dr. Lilley what the Psoas muscles are.

Today (May 29), during treatment, I asked Dr. Lilley to examine my wrists. Why are they achy with heat?

She said:
“Your smart body knows what to do. The heat you’re feeling in your wrists is your body’s way to release the trauma. Drink water. When exhaling, release the out breath twice. Release the trauma. Increase vitamin C for the time being.”

I thank Dr. Kerry Lilley, Dr. Jae Reed, Stephanie Wilger, NC,

Dr. Amy Grace Lam, Marie-Christine Cornet,

Gilles Marin, and all the healers who have taught me how to listen to my Brain-Body communicate… how to continue fostering the Smart Body.

I thank everyone who has encouraged me to seek help.

I thank everyone who plays a role in helping me find ways to Wellness.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The Essential Role of the Psoas Muscle”

By: Stephen Falatyn, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

* * * * *

2024 July 6

What does the psoas muscle do?

Your psoas muscles link your spine to your lower body and connect muscles deeper inside your body to ones closer to the surface of your skin. They’re like a bridge in the center of your body that connects lots of parts and helps you perform motions that use your abdomen and legs at the same time.

Your psoas muscles work with other muscles to stabilize your posture and move your hips and upper legs. Their functions include:

  • Holding your lower back still when you’re sitting down.
  • Pulling your abdomen up from a prone position (picture doing a sit-up).
  • Helping you flex and move your hips when you’re standing and lying down.
  • Lifting your upper legs (which lets you walk and climb stairs).
  • Stabilizing the top of your femur (thigh bone) when you move your hips.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This month, the writer who is supplying inspiration is Mr. George Carlin.

At 9:42 into the compilation of interviews … Mr Carlin says “Write everything down… Write write write your ideas. And classify them… to find them later.”
About humanity… he said that if there were only ten people, dropped off onto this planet… the ten people would ask each other:
“Is every body okay?” “Let’s get something to eat.”    “That’s what any society says, but we don’t.  Property rights over people’s rights.”
The gift of nourishment – here’s Sabine’s jambalaya cooked with love, in Paris 2024; Marie-Christine also gifted beautiful home-cooking. So did Nan! So did Sasa!
Nadia, Deborah, MaryT, Arlene, chere Claude, Françoise, Emmanuelle, Theresa and John, fashion designer JOCCELYN delicious treats! And, merci beaucoup to the dear hearts who gifted Euros for beautiful food! Everywhere I go, friends offer delicious nourishment.  I am grateful!
Looking, sorting photos, renaming photo file names (memories from March 1, 2024 to May 19, 2024 in France with people I care about) distract Beautiful Brain, lifts Depression.

Stewart Interviews George Carlin

Did you know he had a sitcom The George Carlin Show (1994-1995)?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This morning, while thinking about dear NN and her soothing phone voice perfect for customer service … I believe that Mr. George Carlin inspired me

to search:

“Are there programs to train seniors to work from home?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Story Consultant Teresa Jade LeYung says: “When illness takes us onto a Hero’s Journey”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BOOKS, Our Immune System, Our Beautiful Ever-Changing Brain, Our Internal Organs, Our Body and Vitality!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for reading my blog post: “Paris Bathtub, Aikido Safe Fall, Apartment Neighbor, Le Métro Stairs, Psoas Muscle, Chiropractors, the George Carlin Show”


photo by Teresa Jade LeYung 2024 Paris

May beautiful food, clean water, clean air, laughter and quiet always be yours to enjoy!


Teresa Jade LeYung  goes to Teresa Jade LeYung’s Blog on Wellness, Themes, Archetypes
Published author, blogger, lover of Paris home life (France), writing coach, story  consultant, photo historian
Teresa Jade LeYung says:
“I love helping writers identify the themes in their manuscripts to hook readers, and, build and fortify their platforms before and after publication. Reach out, not stress out.”

Love Made Of Heart ®




  • 2023 Oct 19, 16:56 Thursday; Oct 21, 00:25; Oct 22, 14:23; Oct 23, 20:22; October 26, 12:52pm California

    Hello  Everyone,

    I wish you total wellness.

    I am grateful to all the people who care about my wellness / who teach me how to look for the goodness in obstacles / who inspire me to be happy, in spite of illness.  

  • So many people suffer silently – their illnesses don’t display overt signs like wearing a cast or a splint.  Whenever someone asks me the question “How are you doing?” …  I feel gratitude and I reply “Thank you for asking.”  (That’s all… I don’t go into details except with close friends. Just grateful that the person asked)  Whenever I ask someone that question… I am prepared to stop and listen.

  • This past month, while my Body/Brain continues to learn from Neuro Integration System (N.I.S.) and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) treatments from Dr. Jae Reed, DC, and, from Chi Nei Tsang treatments from Stephanie Wilger, NC …  I have been listening to  interviews with Christopher Vogler posted on YouTube channel “Film Courage”.  Mr. Vogler is the author of The Writer”s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers.

  • Christopher Vogler’s 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey

  • Ordinary World

    Call To Adventure

    Refusal Of The Call

    Meeting Of The Mentor

    Crossing The Threshold (Launch Into The Special World)

    Tests, Allies, Enemies

    Approach To The Inmost Cave

    The Ordeal


    The Chase


    Return With Elixir

  • Illness propels us to all the stages of a Hero’s Journey, whether we want to go or not; for me, the stages are repeating – I would feel better, then worse, then better… My Body knows so much more than my conscious Brain.

            As Dr. Amy Grace Lam’s poem says: “Maybe we only need to ask, ask our remember bones.”

  • All the cells in our body perform as archetypes on our journeys / in our stories.

  • Thank you, Philipp Dettmer, for your book Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive.  Mr. Dettmer is the creator of the popular science YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell”

  • Christopher Vogler’s 8 types of Archetypes/Characters

  • Hero



    Threshold Guardian





    The person who introduced story-telling to me was my mother who was a school teacher in Hong Kong before she immigrated to the USA; she told me stories – translations of Aesop’s Fables. Even though I don’t remember details of the fables, I do recall how a character’s “cleverness” or “perseverance” can get one out of trouble.

    (Thank you, the folks at, for showing Aesop’s Fables.)

    The person who told me about the book that would inspire me to write about my experiences is Dr. Susan Thackrey, Ph.D. who taught me compassion.

    The author who wrote that book (The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts) is Maxine Hong Kingston.

    In 1998 award-winning writer Martha Alderson (who would become The Plot Whisperer introduced me to Christopher Volger’s book The Writer”s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers.

    Fast forward to 2023…

    To my client, compassionate author Edward C. Hartshorn, I am cheering for you and all your characters in your new book. May you gain more aha moments listening to the interviews with Christopher Vogler.

  • Thank you, YouTube channel “Film Courage” for posting the 11 videos of Mr. Christopher Vogler

  • Joseph Campbell (author of  The Hero with a Thousand Faces)  was Mr. Vogler’s mentor
    Carl Jung (Angel Suzanne, I am thinking of you)
    Gods and Goddesses

    Fairy Tales


12 Stages Of The Hero’s Journey – Christopher Vogler 22:48

8 Common Character Types Writers Should Know – Christopher Vogler 17:31

The Hero’s Journey Is Not A Formula – Christopher Vogler 12:33

This Is Why It Doesn’t Matter If Every Story Has Been Told – Christopher Vogler 11:23

How Writers Can Use Symbols To Improve Their Stories – Christopher Vogler 11:01

How The Hero’s Journey Helps Writers With Their Characters – Christopher Vogler 12:13

Impact Of Myths And Fairy Tales On Modern Stories – Christopher Vogler 11:01

You Don’t Have To Suffer To Be An Artist But You Should Understand This – Christopher Vogler 13:38

The Big Problem With American Movies – Christopher Vogler 9:03

How To Write A Character’s Death – Christopher Vogler 16:05

A thousand thanks to Mr. CHRISTOPHER VOGLER and his book  THE WRITER’S JOURNEY: Mythic Structure for Writers

I am grateful to beloved LAH who directly / indirectly led me to many of  these remarkable healers:


Stephanie Wilger, NC for Chi Nei Tsang, Breast Wellness, Nutrition


Dr. Jae Reed D.C. for Neuro Integration System (N.I.S.) and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)


Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D. who taught me how to ask my Body questions.

Amy’s artist website  Her poem “The Remember Bones”


Loduskia “Dusky” Pierce, MFT who taught me EMDR and EFT and gave me grief counseling numerous times.


Gilles Marin, master teacher and practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang, who gave me new hope on my journey.
USA:   France:


Marie-Christine Cornet in France who taught me to be gentle with self wherever I am


Stephanie Doucette, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. OM, for her kindness and acupuncture treatments


Danielle Rosenman, M.D. for coaching me in Neuroplasticity (I achieved success in training my Brain to stop sending chronic pain signals) at the beginning of my journey in the autumn of 2020; 

Dr. Michael Moskowitz’s and Dr. Marla Golden’s workbook, webinars, brain graphics, and more..



Thank you for reading my blog post:

Story Consultant Teresa Jade LeYung says: “When illness takes us onto a Hero’s Journey”

I wish YOU total wellness!


photo of Teresa by Teresa’s beloved mentor Lynn Scott

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Writing Coach Teresa says:

“I love helping writers identify the themes in their manuscripts to hook readers, and, build and fortify their platforms before and after publication. Reach out, not stress out.”

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