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“WAKE UP AMERICA!” Poetathon Part 2

with Black Arts Movement Historian / Poet Kim McMillon & Guest Poets

Sunday, July 12, 2020

2:00-4:30pm PST; 5:00-7:30pm EST

Dr. Kim McMillon - photo by Marlena McMillon


Tune in for Poetry that speaks to Freedom, Love, Peace, Equality for All !!!

via ZOOM  Meeting ID: 861 596 2043


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+16699006833 (CA) ,8615962043# US (San Jose)

+13462487799 (TX) ,8615962043# US (Houston)



Dr. Kim McMillon, creator and host of “Wake Up America!”

Paul Corman Roberts

Ayodele Nzinga


Michelle Allison

Safi wa Nairobi

Tarika Lewis

Briana Muñoz

Tureeda Mikell

Lucinda Clark

Kim Shuck

devorah major

Karla Brundage

Michael Young

Necola Adams

Rich Ferguson

Sponsored by Bird & Beckett Books & Music, San Francisco

“Let Freedom Ring” banner created by Dr. Kim McMillon’s intern Elly.

Dear Dr. McMillon, all poets and guests,

See you on July 12th!

I wish you and everyone around you safety, kindness, excellent health,  and sweet laughter!


Your fan,

author Teresa Jade LeYung, mask by Emily O, July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Teresa Jade LeYung

Love Made Of Heart ®
Teresa Jade LeYung, American naturalized citizen of Chinese ancestry, is a manuscript-theme consultant, author of Love Made Of Heart (archived at the San Francisco History Center), Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days, and Talking To My Dead Mom monologues, and, advocate for public libraries and public schools. Teresa speaks out and offers resources through her Blog:
* * *

Teresa also  encourages everyone to watch the recording of:

  • James Baldwin’s arguments in the debate with William F. Buckley  at Cambridge University (1965) “Has the American Dream Been Achieved at the Expense of the American Negro?”
  • * * *
  • Jeffery Robinson’s lecture on August 24, 2017 “WHEN HERITAGE = HATE: The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States” (full version)What was the American civil war really fought about? Men. Women. Children. Chattel. Slaves. White Supremacy was the reality/truth. Who have been and are writing history books? What we can do to learn from our past and combat systemic racism.

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