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Many Chinese people (especially my generation and preceding ones) don’t like the number 4 because the Chinese word for “four” (in Cantonese, pronounced saay) sounds like the word for “dead” and “death.”


I like the number 4 – 4 legs to hold up the table I write on; 4 wheels to keep my vehicle on roads; 4 seasons; 4 compass directions; 4 parts in the Chinese word for “love”; 4 letters in the English word for “love”; 4 colleagues working on some of my projects; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel   Ruiz


Speaking of four, Theresa Stephenson’s friend Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT has co-authored Feng Shui Your Mind: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life! with Maureen Raytis, MA, L.Ac.

Teresa LeYung Ryan

Teresa's trademark Love Made of Heart

I am so happy to announce the opening of the Love Made of Heartonline store where you’ll find gift items for yourselves, women, children, moms and babies, friends and pets. The Chinese word for “heart” is inside the word for “love.”

Love Made of Heart -  purple heart inside pink love

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Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published is the 22 minutes for 22 days workbook.

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