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Dec. 5, 2013 Director Emmanuel Itier so happy to show off FEMME: Women Healing the World movie poster enlarged by Producer Margie Yee Webb - photo by Teresa LeYung-Ryan, author of Love Made of Heart: a Daughter's Journey to Self-Forgiveness

Below is the announcement from Director Emmanuel Itier

Dear Friends:

We are proud to announce that FEMME: Women Healing the World (the movie) has been Awarded  #1 most important film of 2013 among Documentaries  that could change The World. Here is a link:

In January 2014 we are receiving several Awards at the Santa Barbara Pop Up Documentary film festival (  ) and in February FEMME will be celebrated at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo with multiple Awards for Sharon Stone and Marianne Williamson ( and a special panel: )
We are inviting you to give FEMME as a “Gift of Hope” these Holidays with a 30% discount from December 15, 2013 until Jan 5, 2014:
Please spread the message of Peace and Love from FEMME through emails and all your social medias.

We Wish you a Blessed Holidays Season and a Happy New Year!
In Oneness,
Emmanuel and The FEMME Team.

FEMME Women Healing the World movie's Fab Four - Margie Yee Webb, Celeste Yarnall, Nazim Artist, Director Emmanuel Itier - photo by 22-Day Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here . . . so very proud of my dear colleague Margie Yee Webb, producer of FEMME and so happy for everyone involved in FEMME: Women Healing the World.
Author/Photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life a.k.a. FEMME producer Margie Yee Webb shares exciting news:

FEMME Producer Margie Yee Webb celebrates women, men, children, animals healing the world - photo by 22- Day Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

NO. 10  VITALITY If vitality was within our grasp and everyone knew how to achieve it!

Vitality is a journey into the question: “What is true health?”. It looks at our current broken medical system and shows us a better way. With interviews from leading experts in the medical field, this movie helps us understand our personal role in health and empowers us to get up and get involved. Both inspiring and educational, this movie is helping reframe our understanding of health in a model that is Vitalistic instead of Mechanistic.

NO. 9  COMEDY WARRIORSIf we could all laugh at the hard stuff, maybe there could be less hard stuff.

Take five wounded veterans and four top comedians, the result… laughter and the healing power of humor.  “…I love these brave soldiers and how brutally honest and funny they are as comedians.” -Adam Sandler  “This is a brilliant and moving movie that finds big laughs… It made me proud to be an American and a comedian.” -Bill Maher  “There are legendary comics and then there are legends who are comics. God bless our protectors.” -Dennis Miller


No. 8  Cereal Killers 

If what we eat really dictates our health and weight, and knew and ate right for our body!

The film follows Donal – a lean, fit, seemingly healthy 41 year old man – on a quest to hack his genes and drop dead healthy by avoiding the heart disease and diabetes that has afflicted his family.

Can a controversial diet consisting of 70% fat provide the answers?

NO. 7  THE OTHER SHOREIf we didn’t let age or past failures stop us from continuing to live large and go after our dreams!


If there were no 1% and no 99%, but just 100% people of Earth, living by the Golden Rule!

Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred, Fierce Light) on a journey deep inside the revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet, as he asks the question, “How could the crisis we are facing become a love story?”  Occupy Love is  a moving, transformative, heartfelt film, featuring Ripper’s signature stunning visuals and rich soundscapes.  A  powerful cinematic experience that will leave audiences inspired.



If aliens existed and everyone knew it and it wasn’t a secret anymore!

Sirius? is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer -?? an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up.


What if conspiracies were true then the truth would be…just truth! 

Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate. Take Back Your Power investigates the benefits and risks of this ubiquitous “smart” grid program, with insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned communities. Transparency advocate Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations’ right to tap our private information and erode our rights in the name of “green.”


If we realized we are all Human and just maybe we all came from the same place!

Alan is twenty-five years old and is looking for the reason of his existence, the meaning of life. A camera and a notebook filled with questions are the only items he needs to set off on a journey to the Andes range. With Placido, an Andean paqo (“priest”), he will be taken on an introspective journey such as has never been documented before.



If we all lived in communities supporting each other and our individual and collective creativity!

Each year, 60,000 people from around the globe gather in a dusty windswept Nevada desert to build a temporary city, collaborating on a large-scale art and partying for a week before burning a giant effigy in a ritual frenzy. Rooted in principles of self-expression, self-reliance and community effort, Burning Man has grown famous for stirring ordinary people to shed their nine-to-five existence and act on their dreams.

NO. 1  FEMME: Women Healing the World
If “girls ran the world,” or better yet, if women and men “ruled” the world, in balance, together!

“A celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment, discuss solutions to the multiple crises we are faced with. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.


Cat Mulan author Margie Yee Webb and “Star Trek” star Celeste Yarnall are FEMMEs! Women healing the world!

Margie Yee Webb (author and photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life) says: “Through Facebook, I connected with fellow Cat Writers Association (CWA) member Celeste Yarnall that led me to be a producer for FEMME: Women Healing the World after she introduced me to director Emmanuel Itier. Sharon Stone is the executive producer for FEMME, a celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. In the inspiring documentary, Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment, discuss solutions to the multiple crises we are faced with. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.

“Although we initially connected through Facebook, I did have the pleasure of connecting face-to-face with Celeste Yarnall. In November 2012, in Venice, California, I met Celeste, her husband Nazim, who is also a producer, as well as director Emmanuel Itier at a screening of FEMME (the work-in-progress cut). I am honored to be a part of this award-winning film.

“On December 5, 2013, I will reunite with them for a screening of FEMME in Sacramento at the Crest Theatre. Anyone interested in attending the special screening, can reserve tickets here: ”

Here’s Celeste Yarnall !

Celeste Yarnall is an author, film producer, activist, speaker, and actress remembered well for her popular guest-starring role on the original Star Trek classic episode entitled, The Apple, where she played Yeoman Martha Landon. She is also remembered as Elvis Presley’s co-star in “Live a Little, Love a Little.” However, her true passion is being of value by empowering  and inspiring people to act holistically for themselves and our planet.            
Celeste’s career includes, besides her film and television work as an actress, the owning and operation of a Commercial Real Estate brokerage where she pioneered the field by making great headway for women in business. Celeste Yarnall & Associates almost exclusively hired and trained women with just a few exceptions. She was the owner of a talent management firm that specialized in representing young talented screenwriters called Artists Management Group. And in 1997 she earned a doctorate in Nutrition from Pacific Western University in California.
A lifetime love of holistic health care and healing alternatives led her to write her first books, Cat Care, Naturally, Natural Cat Care, Natural Dog Care (all through Charles E. Tuttle Publishing) and ultimately to partner with her dear friend, Jean Hofve, DVM. She and Dr. Jean then proceeded to co-author the Cat Writers Association of America’s Muse Medallion award-winning book, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, published in 2009 by Quarry Books. She and Dr. Jean have recently written PALEO DOG, Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner World, published by Rodale Press and being pre-sold now for a June 2014 release on Kindle and Paperback.
Celeste has also written a highly collectable book entitled CELESTIAL TREK ,
WHICH includes artwork by Celeste’s husband and business partner, Nazim Artist  which depicts her character from Star Trek along with photographs from the episode itself, to illustrate Celeste’s own personal story of the great influence that Star Trek has had on her life and personal mission.
Celeste writes a highly popular blog for the social action network, entitled “Celestial Musings,” which reaches over 23,000,000 members globally. She has contributed to Natural News Network (, and also The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, Raw Instincts, Healthy Dogs, Naturally and many others
Celeste Yarnall
Celeste is the producer as well as a featured speaker in the award winning documentary film, Femme: Women Healing the World, directed and created by Emmanuel Itier, and executive produced by Sharon Stone. The film features Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elizabeth Sathouris, Riane Eisler and Marianne Williamson, Maria Bello, Celeste Yarnall and over 100 other female leaders worldwide. This film project is attracting worldwide attention as it continues to win awards and make the rounds of popular film festivals and empowerment conferences. The FEMME team have 5 more conscious film projects in the works.
Celeste is also producing a new SCI/FI spoof feature film project entitled UNBELIEVABLE!!! This film is currently being filmed and features a huge cast of Star Trek actors from all the series and films. Celeste is featured as an actress playing herself in the film, as well.
Celeste speaks often at conferences and conventions on myriad of topics. She is speaking next at the Conscious Life Expo, February 7-9th 2014 at the LAX Hilton. See Her film Femme will receive a Humanitarian Award before it screens in their annual film festival. Celeste will also be part of Femme panel where she shares the how’s and why’s of the necessity to activate our own PRIME DIRECTIVE to help in the healing of the world by forming male and female partnerships and take action. She will next share a new technology that Celeste markets, which comes from Liechtenstein, called BEMER in a talk at Evolution Expo 2014, which will be held June 27-29, in Oakland, California. She and Astronaut Joe Edwards will address the multiple problems in space for astronauts and Celeste will share BEMER’s connection to NASA and their role in developing new space suits for the astronauts, incorporating the BEMER technology right into a special fabric to be worn by the astronauts to help with their need to be connected to the Earths Magnetic Field. See
Celeste currently serves on the prestigious Moxxor Holistic Advisory Board and is an ambassador to the Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI). Celeste is an expert in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), non verbal communiation and is a Reiki Master.
She has been trained in kinesiology, homeopathy, color therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences, touch therapy, and many more, often intuiting exactly what might be needed at the time of a session with her clients whom she life coaches along with the incorporation of the multiple holistic, healing modalities  she is adept in for both people and pets. She is also a medical intuitive.  
Celeste can be found on multiple Facebook pages at, Celestial Musing, The Art of Wellness, Twitter, Celeste Yarnall @MoxxArt, Pinterest, Linkedin, Word Press at, and can be seen on her YouTube interview from FEMME at:
Celeste and her artist husband, Nazim Nazim who is also a producer on Femme which features many of his paintings, have created the Art of Wellness Collection and live with their two Tonkinese Cats in Westlake Village, California.
See for more photos and biographical material.

Cheers to FEMMEs Margie Yee Webb and Celeste Yarnall! Let’s celebrate all femmes on Dec. 5, 2013!


Author and 22-Day Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan meets Women Healing the World everywhere she goes

I am so proud of my pal and colleague Margie Yee Webb.   Margie is the author and photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, a gift book for cat lovers.  Earlier this year, Margie shared exciting news regarding her role in the remarkable documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World directed by Emmanuel Itier of Wonderland Entertainment.

If you happen to be near Sacramento, CA on Dec. 5, 2013, please attend the screening of the movie and meet Margie Yee Webb.  For tickets:

FEMME is a celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment discuss solutions to the multiple crises we are faced with. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.


Diane Ichiyasu (a FEMME herself) cheers for Margie Yee Webb, producer of FEMME: Women Healing the World as well as for playwright Michael Milligan who uses his performance to show what happens to Americans who have no medical insurance in the U.S.A. Teresa LeYung-Ryan and Diane met through the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in the Berkeley Hills in California



Janice Bohnert & Carol Budney are FEMMEs (women healing the world) in Wisconsin ! Teresa LeYung-Ryan met Janice and Carol at the Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant in West Allis!


Author and Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan learns about Campaign for Healthy California from 3 FEMMEs - Joannie Grassi, Nel Benningshof, and Diane Ichiyasu


Producer Margie Yee Webb says: "Please attend the exclusive screening of the award-winning documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World on Dec. 5, 2013 at Crest Theatre in Sacramento,CA Watch the trailer


FEMME: Women Healing the World features Sharon Stone (Executive Producer), Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Maria Bello, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gloria Steinem, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Celeste Yarnall and many other notable women from around the world. Music is by Yoko Ono and Rickie Lee Jones. FEMME is distributed by Vision Films, a worldwide distributor of independent feature films, documentaries and music programming.



Margie Yee Webb is author of the "red" gift book Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings and producer of the movie FEMME: Women Healing the World. Teresa LeYung-Ryan had met Margie through California Writers' Club when fellow member Dale King connected them for the Asian Heritage Street Celebrations in San Francisco.


producer Margie Yee Webb chooses the historic Crest Theatre in producer Margie Yee Webb chooses the historic Crest Theatre in Sacramento for the screening of FEMME: Women Healing the World on Dec. 5, 2013 -- photo by TLR

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to say: “I know hundreds of FEMMEs (women healing the world). Producer Margie Yee Webb leads the beautiful parade!”


Dear Margie,
 I’m very proud of you, congratulation, and Teresa what a lovely friend you are to acknowledge, and spread the word on such a beautiful happening.
 Kim McMillon
 Listen to Arts in the Valley


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to say: “I am so proud of Margie Yee Webb!  She is a producer of the documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World  !

Femme (2013) Poster


Sharon Stone says: “URGENT !!!  The Piers Morgan Show on CNN with FEMME and Sharon Stone/Marianne Williamson will now air tomorrow Friday Sept 27, 2013 at 6:00pm (PT).
I know, twice re-scheduled but this time it’s for sure and it’s part of an hour special with Bill and Chelsea Clinton!
What a night it will be!!!”

FEMME: Women Healing the World  the movie


FEMME: Women Healing the World  is an inspirational voyage about women around the world who are actively transforming and healing global society on a daily basis. Starring Sharon Stone (Casino, Total Recall, Basic Instinct), Celeste Yarnall, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire, Rickie Lee Jones, Gloria Steinem, and more! Influential women discuss religion, science, history, politics and entertainment – and the solutions to the multiple crises we face throughout the world. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.

FEMME on CNN did not air on Friday September 20, 2013.

Director Emmanuel Itier says:

“The airing of the FEMME show on Piers Morgan has just been moved to next week!! Stay tuned.
They filmed 1 hour with Sharon Stone and Marianne Williamson.
The folks at Piers Morgan had to rerun an interview with Pastor Rick Warren.

This is a huge media coverage break for FEMME. Spreading Peace and Love all over the World!  Thanks!”

International Movie Database says:

A documentary featuring interviews with 100 influential women from around the world.

Taglines:  A Celebration of Women healing the World

Director:   Emmanuel Itier

Writers:   Amanda EstremeraEmmanuel Itier

Stars:   Sharon Stone, Maria Conchita Alonso, Joanna Angel| See full cast and crew

Margie Yee Webb, author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, is a producer!


Margie Yee Webb, Emmanuel Itier, Celeste Yarnall & Nazim at FEMME screening Nov. 4, 2012


Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

author of:

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW (the workbook)

Love Made of Heart (the mother-daughter novel used in college composition classes; book is archived at the San Francisco History Center)

Answer Me Now  (the award-winning short play)

and speeches advocating mental health and end violence against women and children

Click here for a list of Coach Teresa’s event.  for more resources.

Coach Teresa says: “Wear the dual hats of writer and promoter. Reach out, not stress out.”

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