In 2003 when my editor at Kensington Publishing Corp. New York told me that they were going to release the trade paperback edition of my novel Love Made of Heart (hard cover edition had been published in October 2002), I asked if I could add an “Author’s Note to Reader” and he said “Yes.”

LOVE MADE OF HEART  book cover

To the readers who have read/are reading from the hard cover edition, here is the Author’s Note to Reader:

Thank you for letting me share Ruby Lin’s story with you.  Many readers have asked what the characters in the novel have done for me.  My answer is this:  I’ve learned that behind every face is a compelling story.

Please remember me as a writer who says YES! to compassion for mental illness and NO! to domestic violence and child abuse.

Who is Mrs. Nussbaum?  She lives in all our hearts.  Just as we have the “child within,” we also have the “wise elder within.”  May you always embrace your compelling story and allow your Mrs. Nussbaum to embrace you.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

author of Love Made of Heart

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