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Any project or event that Kim McMillon is involved in is empowering!

I cheer for Kim McMillon and Everyone associated with 50 Years on the Black Arts Movement and Its Influences and the University of California, Merced!

Get tickets:

The conference is free for UC Merced students and Merced County youths, and $40 for the general public. To register or for more information about the conference, email Kim McMillon at or go online.

Press inquiries should be directed to Scott Hernandez-Jason,


Gala Host Belva Davis! at  50 Years on the Black Arts Movement and Its Influences!



Conference to Explore Black Arts Movement, Influences

The International Conference on the Black Arts Movement and Legacies will be held on March 1-2, 2014 at the University of California, Merced.

An international two-day conference on the Black Arts Movement will draw world-renowned scholars, musicians and artists, and offer new scholarship and perspectives on the 1960s and 1970s movement.

The International Conference on the Black Arts Movement and Legacies, on March 1-2, 2014 at the University of California, Merced, will provide an opportunity to hear and appreciate the elders, activists and artists who proclaimed “Black is beautiful” in their art, music, poetry and writings, while also shedding light on recent assessments of the movement.

“UC Merced is excited to contribute to the growing body of scholarship on the Black Arts Movement,” said Professor Susan Amussen, who’s also the director of the Center for the Humanities. “We look forward both to the presence of so many outstanding artists on campus and to the exploration of the impact of this important movement on mainstream American culture.”

Scholarly panels, poetry, art, theatre presentations and workshops on a wide variety of topics from the state of black studies in America to the impact of the Black Arts Movement past and present will be discussed.

“The Black Arts Movement and this UC Merced Conference comprise one whopping piece long missing from the jigsaw puzzle of cultural America,” said Al Young, California’s Poet Laureate Emeritus.

Askia Toure, Ishmael Reed, Marvin X, Eugene Redmond, Umar Bin Hassan, Nathan Hare, Emory Douglas, Judy Juanita, Avotcja and other key writers, musicians and artists from the Black Arts and Black Power movements will discuss their work and perform at the conference.

“No discussion of the Black Arts Movement or the radical left can take place without mentioning the late Amiri Baraka,” said event organizer and UC Merced graduate student Kim McMillon. “His words and art represent the beginnings of the movement, birthing black identity. Black Americans in the 1960s and 1970s created a new vision of blackness, one that celebrated the uniqueness of black culture.”

“The work of the Black Arts movement served as inspiration for many later artists, especially those from marginalized communities, and thus has shaped the flowering of artistic work over the last 40 years,” McMillon said.

The conference is co-sponsored by Associated Students of UC Merced, African Diaspora Student Association, the Center for the Humanities, Merced County Arts Council, Merced County Office of Education, Office of Student Life and The California Endowment.




Any project or event that Kim McMillon is involved in is empowering!

I cheer for Kim McMillon and Everyone associated with 50 Years on the Black Arts Movement and Its Influences and the University of California, Merced!

September 24, 2011  10:00am – 4:00pm

The Sonoma County Book Festival

Celebrating the Literary Arts & Promoting Literacy

Old Courthouse Square, Fourth Street and Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA


Please look for Women’s National Book Association and California Writers Club colleagues Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Margie Yee Webb, Kate Farrell at their booth #34 (on 4th Street near Mary’s Pizza Shack) and on the Redwood Reading Circle Stage orchestrated by Ana Manwaring.

Other WNBA/CWC members at the book festival: Leigh Anne Lindsey & Persia Wooley at Booth 54, Linda Joy Myers, Zoe FitzGerald Carter, Laurel Anne Hill at Booth 31, Lynn Goodwin & Marcia Canton at Booth 59, Linda Loveland Reid & Redwood Writers at Booths 79 & 80 Who else?

Also visit the Redwood Writers / Redwood Reading Circle Stage to look for Ana (orchestrating this stage), Laurel Anne, Kate, Margie, and me Teresa. We  are excited to be with luminaries including Belva Davis and Maxine Hong Kingston.

Amanda McTigue will be at Booth #20

Kay Mehl Miller, Ph.D. (author of Living with the Stranger in Me: An Exploration of Aging)  at  Bay Area Publishers Association booth


Who Will be on the Redwood Reading Circle Stage at Sonoma County Book Festival?

Kate Farrell on Redwood Reading Circle stage at Sonoma County Book Festival 2 years ago

Teresa LeYung-Ryan on Redwood Reading Circle stage at Sonoma County Book Festival 2 years ago

**  **


Melissa Kelley, Director of Sonoma County Book Festival

Ana Manwaring orchestrates Redwood Reading Circle Stage!

10:00-10:45 am        The Sitting Room – MC Clarise Stasz

10:45-11:00 am    Redwood Writers New books out: Linda McCabe & Robbi Sommers Bryant

11:00-11:30am    Broad Universe: Rapid Fire Readings –   MC  Ann Wilkes

1.                   Ann Wilkes

2.                   Emerian Rich

3.                   Laurel Anne Hill

4.                   Valerie Frankel

5.                   Camille Picott

11:30-12:00   Not Just the Facts: Journalism Today –  MC Robert Digitale

“Come hear journalists, the people who track down great stories.”

1.            Robert Digitale, blogger/journalist

2.            Carylon Alexander, editor, Travel Host Magazine

3.            Jane S. MacLean, journalism

4.            Arlene Miller, blogger/newsletters/educational writing

5.            Kay Mehl Miller, a journalist looks at aging

12:00-12:30pm Redwood Writers Memoir Contest Winners — MC Patsy Taylor

1st Pat Tyler-Momma at the Swimming Hole

2nd        Jasmine Belenger-Looking for Jeasus

3rd Jean Wong-Saving Catfish

12:30-1:00pm      Sisters in Crime MC  Malena Eljumaily

1.                   Clair M. Johnson

2.                   Darrell James

3.                   Patricia Morin

1:00-1:45 pm    California Writers Club–Vintage Voices Anthology    MC  Jeanne Miller

1.       Juanita J. Martin

2.       Jeanne Jusaitus

3.       Cindy Pavlinac

4.       Barbara Teboni

5.       Carol Collier

6.       Arlene Miller

7.       Mark Pavlichek

8.       Patsy Taylor

9.       Zara Rabb

10.   Susanna Solomon    Broccoli Dance

1:45-2:00 pm  WNBA (Women’s National Book Association) MC  Ana Manwaring

1.                    Margie  Yee Webb

2.                  Teresa LeYung-Ryan

2:00-2:45 pm        Wisdom has a Voice Anthology– MC   Susan Bono

1.       Kate Farrell

2.       Ana Manwaring- Not My Mother’s Child

3.       Jeanne Jusaitus- Liebestraum: A Daughter’s Reflection

4.       Clarice Stasz- Edgewood

5.       Barbara Teboni- A Moon Song

6.       Laura McHale Holland- Little Traveler

3:00-3:30 pm         BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn.) MC  Sandy Baker

1.  Sandy Baker

2.  Gary Turchin

3.  Carolyn C.J. Jones

4.  Carol Sheldon

5.  Eugene Miller

6.  Susan Pace-Koch

7.  Shelley Buck

8.  Margaret Murray

3:30-3:40pm Redwood Writers Short Story Contest Winners — MC   Elspeth Benton

1.  Jan Edwards

2.  Laura McHale Holland

3:40-4:00pm           Redwood Writers Raffle Winners MC   Linda Reid

* * * * * * *

La Rosa Restaurant Tequileria & Grille, 500 Fourth Street
2:30 Maxine Hong Kingston with the Veterans Writing Group



Coach Teresa

Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “I am so looking forward to this event! See you there !”

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

$9.81 for ebook; $22 for print edition

Love Made of Heart inspiring adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their families.

As a manuscript consultant, Teresa LeYung-Ryan loves helping writers identify their themes and archetypes.

YouTube Channel:

Teresa on facebook!  She’s also involved in Women’s National Book Association and California Writers Club.



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