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Literary & Trademark Attorney Robert G. Pimm says “Creative People Make Great Clients”


I had met Bob Pimm at a writers conference. Was it the Jack London Writers Conference?  Or the East of Eden Writers Conference? Bob had delivered a helpful session– “Anatomy of a Book Publishing Contract.”

I was already a published author at the time.  My contract with Kensington Corp. NY had been reviewed by my agent Stacey Glick and the in-house attorney (both at Dystel Literary Management, now Dystel & Goderich Literary Management).

I was so impressed with Bob’s presentation that when I found out he was also an expert in trademark laws, I sought his advice for registering my Love Made Of Heart.

Check out Robert G. Pimm’s website and benefit from his resources page.

Contracts are written in “complex languages” (not to mention keeping track of renewal dates and proof of use–with trademarks) so be sure to seek an expert’s advice.

Bob Pimm’s areas of expertise include:

Literary and Publishing Law

More than 20 years experience in the book industry working with authors, publishers, book distribution, book production, book retailing and literary agency.

Entertainment Law

Serving visual artists, playwrights, filmmakers, producers, and performers. Currently Book Publication Chair of the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries and former Editor-in-Chief of the Forum’s quarterly publication, Entertainment and Sports Lawyer.

Intellectual Property Law

Registration and management of copyrights and trademarks, licensing of intellectual property, rights of privacy and publicity, and management of trade secrets for arts and technology.

Corporate Law

Formation of California C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Non-Profits and ongoing management issues for arts and technology companies.


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