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Fernando Flores Esq. says:

On the July 31, 2020 episode of Health and Wellness University,  I interviewed Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D.

Amy Grace Lam is a healer, writer and activist committed to supporting diverse global communities for healing and transformation. Through her energy work, Amy creates experiences for individuals to bridge spiritual and physical realities into a magical conversation with each other.

She loves working with individuals to connect to their inner wisdom, step into their leadership and confidently manifest their gifts to the world. Amy’s writing and art have been featured in literary and academic journals and Bay Area performance and artistic venues.

She works with immigrant and refugee serving organizations to vision and design transformative programs.

To connect with Amy, please visit:

Vibrational Energy Coaching         

Reconnect to your body’s knowing  

Are you looking to improve your mind-body-spirit connection? Do you tend to ignore what your body is saying to you?  Do you want to understand how your emotions affect your body and how to change your body’s response to emotional triggers?  Are you curious about exploring your connection to your higher self, your ancestors, nature and the universe?

Amy Grace Lam says: “Reconnect to your body’s knowing”

Teresa Jade LeYung says:”Thank you, dear Amy Grace Lam, for teaching me how to listen, ask questions, listen some more … to my body and reconnect to intuition / my body’s knowing. You helped me solved three life-changing problems, and, I was able to go home to Paris again and again, with peace of mind and joy in my heart. I am forever grateful.”

What is “The Health and Wellness University”? Podcast supports others in their journey to achieve optimal levels of health and holistic wellness. Health and Wellness University? focuses on key areas of well-being, including physical, social, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, environmental, intellectual, occupational, nutritional, relationships, energy, stress management, anxiety, depression, purpose, and recreation.




author Teresa Jade LeYung, mask by Emily O, July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Teresa Jade LeYung
Love Made Of Heart ®

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Teresa Jade LeYung says:  “I wish everyone safety, kindness, excellent health, clear water, blue sky, delicious eats, and sweet laughter. To help prevent spread of virus, I wear face-covering AND keep at least 6-foot-distance with people who don’t live with me.  No blaming No shaming; I protect myself and everyone else.”
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Teresa Jade LeYung, American naturalized citizen of Chinese ancestry, is a manuscript-theme consultant, author of Love Made Of Heart (archived at the San Francisco History Center), Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days, and Talking To My Dead Mom monologues, and, advocate for public libraries and public schools. Teresa speaks out and offers resources through her Blog:
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Please sharepanel of experts and helpful Q&A at Senator Nancy Skinner’s July 24, 2020 virtual Town Hall on the senator’s Home Page
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How to Protect Yourself & Others (this page offers information in 5 languages)



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