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My pal Elisa Southard, author/travel writer/marketing coach, got me a ticket to the  Diablo Actors Ensemble’s production of Twelve Angry Men (by Reginald Rose, the teleplay was first broadcast live on CBS’s show Studio One in 1954).   Seasoned actor Will Southard (Elisa’s husband) portrays Juror #8 (the role played by Robert Cummings in the teleplay and then by Henry Fonda in the film).

I went to Diablo Actors Ensemble with  Elisa’s father-in-law and sister-in-law Kaer Soutthard of Executive Support Solutions and CardkinArts.

Twelve Angry Men is one of the plays I would watch again and again.  Reginald Rose’s lines/expressions of prejudices are raw and timeless.  Every moment in the play is layered with dramatic tension.

twelve angry men Diablo Actors Ensemble

What is the play Twelve Angry Men about?

Twelve jurors in deliberation.   A sixteen-year-old Latino is charged with murder/stabbing his father in the chest with a switchblade. Will the jurors find him “not guilty”?  Or will they vote “guilty”?   The verdict of guilty will mean the death penalty for the boy. One juror stands alone to say: “I have reasonable doubt.”

Will Southard as Juror 8 in what I'd call symbolic stage direction of "looking out" and "thinking outside the box"

Will Southard as Juror 8 in what I'd call symbolism in stage direction of "looking out" and "thinking outside the box"

Fine performances by Will Southard and his fellow cast members.  Bravo, Will !

This engagement is pretty much sold-out.  Contact the Diablo Actors Ensemble (a 50-seat theater) in Walnut Creek, CA

If I were given the opportunity to audition for a part in this play, I would want to be Juror #5 (portrayed by Eddie Peabody for Diablo Actors Ensemble, by Jack Klugman in the film, and by Lee Philips in the teleplay.)

I applaud the cast, director Vince Faso, the crew, Artistic Director Scott Fryer (who was also Foreman in the cast), Managing Director Samantha Fryer, and DAE board members and volunteers.

Elisa Southard, recent-keynote speaker at the Redwood Writers Conference, I thank you again for inviting me to this powerful performance.   My party afterward (stimulating conversations with playwright/director Kathryn McCarty, Elisa’s and Will’s siblings, their in-laws and friends) was icing on the cake!

In the teleplay, Robert Cummings was Juror #8,  Franchot Tone Juror #3, and Edward Arnold Juror #10. I’m going to look for a copy of teleplay.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

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Teresa specializes in editing fiction with universal themes; women’s memoirs; novels for young adults; short stories.  She likes spunky protagonists.

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I still can’t believe I was in the cast of The Vagina Monologues, the award-winning play that is performed in colleges & universities across the United States.  I thank Eve Ensler for interviewing the 200+ women; I thank the women who told their stories to Ms. Ensler; I thank everyone who supports spreading awareness about and putting an end to the atrocities against women and girls in every culture on this planet. I got onto the Internet to find articles about Ms. Ensler and the play, so, I keyed in the words: The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler in Google search and found:

Eve Ensler spoke eloquently on TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) in 2004.  In 20 precious minutes, Eve talked about how The Vagina Monologues came to be; Marsha Lopez in Afghanistan; Esther Chavez in Juarez, Mexico; Agnes In Kenya, help stop female genital mutilation; her belief in Mr. Alligator who would come to her rescue when she was a girl; 1 in 3 women are beatened or raped; Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg; purpose & intent; date-rape, drugs; Vagina Warriors; when we give what we want the most.

Elisa Southard+Vagina Monologues cast member Teresa LeYung Ryan+Mary Knippel photo by Ellen Gailing

author Elisa Southard with Vagina Monologues cast member Teresa LeYung Ryan & creativity coach Mary Knippel photo by Ellen Gailing

I am so honored that I got to speak some lines from the play. For the past 8 years I’ve been working on my second novel, the story of a first-time published author who is afraid to talk about human-trafficking. I got my chance to speak out with Ms. Ensler’s script.

The performance was a benefit for Community Violence Solutions Caring attitude from Director Kathy McCarty, her production team, and members in the cast (women of all ages and diverse cultures from the community); audience was gracious; folks from Community Violence Solutions showed dedication.

I learned to listen for the lines assigned to a fellow actress so that I could speak mine in a seamless fashion.  I learned to get into my body while listening to all the lines; creating a circle of energy was most important.

Thank you, community spirits, for stepping out to say: “Stop the violence.  Stop the suffering.”

Thank you, Elisa Southard, for talking to Director Kathy when she announced her desire to direct the play again.

Thank you, Mary Knippel, for getting me there on time on performance day, for getting me home after a long day.

Thank  you, Pat Phillips, Lakshmi Kerner, Amira, Leslie, Debbie, all of Lakshmi’s friends, Joey, Joey’s sisters, Michaela, Mike (sorry I didn’t get a chance to say thanks in person).  Thank you to all my friends, my sis & bro-in-law, my hubby for sending good thoughts.

I’ve met remarkable women in this production; hope to connect with them this year. I reconnected with Cynthia Peterson of CVS; what a joy. Where is our colleague and poet Shirley Phelps?

Ellen Gailing took vibrant photos; I’ll post more as I receive them.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

I, Teresa LeYung Ryan, use my novel Love Made of Heart to:

  • shed light on the secret agonies suffered by immigrant women, men and children.
  • inspire understanding of mental illness/traumas of the mind.
  • help survivors of violence find their own voices through writing.

Love Made of Heart, the story that sheds light on the stigmas & secret agonies suffered by a mentally-ill immigrant mother.

Playwright Kathryn McCarty on Rivets set

Playwright Kathryn McCarty on Rivets set

Powerful lines in Kathryn G. McCarty’s play RIVETS.

Relationships between female coworkers, sisters, mothers and daughters, management and union, Caucasians and Blacks, women and the men being shipped out to fight, women and the men at home front . . . wartime in U.S.A.

Tension, conflict, drama, comedy, songs, dance, poignancy, history, resilience, patriotism, love, hope.

Will Southard played multiple parts skillfully–fun to watch him. Entire cast did superb job. Behind-the-stage crew deserves applause too.

Thank you, Elisa, for orchestrating the day!


Celebrating Rosie the Riveter

& the Home Front Soldiers of WW II

book & lyrics by Kathryn G. McCarty

music by Mitchell Covington

director Clay David

music director Peter Maleitzke

Teresa LeYung Ryan with cast members of Rivets

Teresa LeYung Ryan with cast members of Rivets


Kaiser Shipyards

Aug. 28 – Sept. 27, 2009

Friday & Saturday Nights at 8 pm.

Sundays at 3 p.m.

Saturday Matinees Sept. 12, 19, 26 at 3 p.m.

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