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Author Teresa LeYung-Ryan Deeply Moved by Professor Sheryl Fairchild and Her Students in Psychology of Women Class

author of Love Made of Heart Teresa LeYung-Ryan happy to be with Professor Sheryl Fairchild and her brilliant students in Psychology of Women--photo by author and producer Margie Yee Webb


author of Love Made of Heart Teresa LeYung-Ryan thanks Professor Sheryl Fairchild and author Margie Yee Webb (Margie is also producer of FEMME: Women Healing the World)

Dear Professor Sheryl Fairchild and all the Beautiful Students in Professor Fairchild’s Psychology of Women class,

I am still speechless from the warm welcome you gave me on November 4, 2013.  Your questions about the themes in my mother-daughter novel Love Made of Heart and your sharing of personal experiences touched me deeply.

I have received the two precious cards in precious envelope with Bette Davis and Rosa Parks stamps. I thank you and your beautiful students.

My wish for you is hat you will always let “the-wise-one-within” embrace “the-child-within.”  You are all beautiful; the world is in good hands.


If you would like to write a short book review and focus on a theme in Love Made of Heart, please click here.  I so appreciate your comments.  I thank you all.


With deepest gratitude,

Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“I rewrote Love Made of Heart when the voices of protagonist Ruby Lin, Vivien Lin, and Mrs. Nussbaum jumped into my head!”


author Teresa LeYung-Ryan happy to be with the cast (Daniel, Ryan, Taylor, Sara) who read the first scene/chapter in Teresa's mother-daughter novel Love Made of Heart--photo by author and producer Margie Yee Webb




author Teresa LeYung-Ryan THANKS Professor Sheryl Fairchild and her brilliant students in Psychology of Women--photo by author and producer Margie Yee Webb

Author Teresa LeYung-Ryan humbly thanks Professor Sheryl Fairchild (for assigning Love Made of Heart as required reading and extending the lovely invitation to meet her brilliant students) and dear pal & colleague Margie Yee Webb (for inspiration and support).  These three women will reunite on December 5, 2013 at the screening of FEMME: Women Healing the World (orchestrated by producer Margie Yee Webb) click to reserve your tickets for Dec. 5, 2013

Author Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: "Ruby Lin the protagonist in Love Made of Heart learns compassion and self-forgiveness when her mom is 5150'ed." photo by Cheri Eplin


















Friday November 29, 2013

Author and 22-Day Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan thanks Stacey Glick, John Scognamiglio and the Folks associated with Kensington Publishing Corp.

I thank powerhouse agent Stacey Glick

Stacey Glick, VP at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

who found insightful acquisition editor John Scognamiglio

John Scognamiglio of Kensington Publishing Corp.

at Kensington Publishing Corp. 

who guided my mother-daughter novel Love Made of Heart to the Sales Team, good-energy publisher Laurie Perkin, president Steven Zacharius, Debbie Tobias was Sales Director, Lou Malcangi was art director, by the way . . . booksellers do judge a book by its cover, Libba Bray, who is now a New York Times bestselling author of young adult books, for book jacket copy, Jacquie Edwards for copy editing, marketing team, production team, Jessica in Sales, Michelle who was Webmaster,and EVERYONE at Kensington and their associates, especially Nancy Suib & Anne Shulenberger, and Kensington Publishing Corp.’s superstars Lydia Kwa, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Mary B. Morrison, Mary Monroe, Carl Weber . . .

If not for these people, I would not have had the opportunity to experience the publishing industry from the author’s perspective . . .  which then gave me the credentials to talk about “who” really is the most qualified person to build the author’s platform and fanbase.

I thank you all!

Love Made of Heart (mother-daughter love story) by Teresa LeYung-Ryan













Love Made of Heart  is:

  • a 2002 nominee of the Asian American Literary Award
  • recommended by the California School Library Association and the California Reading Association
  • used in college composition, women’s studies, and advanced composition English-as-a-Second-Language classes
  • read by students at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, San Francisco State University, City College of San Francisco, City College of Sacramento, Lowell High School, and many other wonderful institutions
  • archived at the San Francisco History Center


Teresa LeYung Ryan  uses her novel Love Made of Heart to:

  • celebrate the immigrant experience
  • inspire adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their loved ones
  • help survivors of family violence find their own voices










author & 22-Day Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan cheers for dear friend/colleague Margie Yee Webb (producer of FEMME: Women Healing the World) at the movie screening in Sacramento, CA











Reach out, not stress out.


Author & 22-Day Writing & Fanbase-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan




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