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Today I learned how to identify a hazardous tree situation and how to estimate the falling distance of a tree.  Also I learned that severe wind and saturated soil can fell a tree, even a healthy one.  I see a metaphor—sometimes under a combination of circumstances, anyone can get mental illness (falling of the mind).

I thought about what Glenn Close said in the commercial with her sister that was filmed at Grand Central Station in New York City. “1 in 6 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental illness.” 1 in 6 adults and almost 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

As an author and a community spirit, I, Teresa LeYung Ryan, use my novel Love Made of Heart to shed light on stigmas suffered by women, men and children with mental illness/traumas to the mind. I speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Other resources:

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Stamp Out Stigma Carmen Lee, founder

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