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Coach Teresa, Should I Buy Illustrations for My Book?

Hi Teresa ,

I want to thank you for having spoken at the Redwood Writers Club January 2012 meeting.  I regret that a prior engagement did not allow my remaining for the question-&-answer period. Were I able to remain, I would have hoped to ask this:

I recently completed writing and revising my first science fiction novel,   I have begun discussions with an editor and would like to know if it is too soon to acquire my intended illustrations.  I already have people committed to do this.

I very much appreciate any comment you are able to make.  Again, thank you for the valuable advice at the RW meeting.

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Dear Author (I will reveal  your name and URL if you wish),

First, congratulations on having completed your novel!

The publisher of a book is the boss when it comes to what illustrations are used and who creates them.  Of course if you are the publisher, you have final say. If you’re selling rights to a publisher, negotiate a contract that makes you happy.

The owner of the ISBN of a book is the publisher.

Example:  The publisher of my first book (Love Made of Heart) is Kensington Publishing Corp. NY.  My contract with Kensington (John Scognamiglio was the acquisition editor) dealt with my selling them the rights to publish my book and Kensington paid me an advance. My agent (Stacey Glick) negotiated the contract for me.  Even though the Publisher/Author contract  stated “Author to give input to cover design,” I didn’t have final say. The art director (Lou Malcangi) at Kensington had purchased art work from a photographer to produce the cover (Kensington and the photographer entered into a contract. I had no role in that contract).

Seek advice from a literary attorney.  Seek advice from folks at Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and  Northern California Publishers & Authors.

Honor each contract; prevent conflicts by understanding what rights you are selling or buying.

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I wish you joy, light, and a dancing heart.

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

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