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Authors Margie Yee Webb, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Rita Lakin join forces for fun at Sonoma County Book Festival

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authors Margie Yee Webb, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Rita Lakin will be exhibiting their books at the Sonoma County Book Festival


Saturday September 22, 2012, 10:00am – 4:00pm in Santa Rosa, CA

authors Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Margie Yee Webb, Rita Lakin

will be exhibiting their books at the

Sonoma County Book Festival at Old Courthouse Square

Fourth Street and Santa Rosa Avenue,  Santa Rosa, CA

 Look for Margie, Teresa and Rita at Booth B2 (near Information/Raffle Booth which is B1)

Margie Yee Webb is author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life

 Teresa LeYung-Ryan (a.k.a. Coach Teresa) is author of  Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 DaysLove Made of HeartAnswer Me Now

Rita Lakin is author of the Gladdy Gold mystery series –  Getting Old Can Kill You; Getting Old Is A Disaster; Getting Old Is Tres Dangereux; Getting Old Is To Die For; Getting Old Is Criminal; Getting Old Is The Best Revenge; Getting Old Is Murder

We are going to see many colleagues . . . from Redwood Writers (California Writers Club), Women’s National Book Association, 6th Street Playhouse, Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, Literary Arts Guild, Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County, Friends of the Library  . . .  including Festival Director Frances Caballo, Redwood Writers Volunteer Coordinator Robbi Sommers Bryant, Kate Farrell, Redwood Writers Village’s Readers Circle Coordinator Ana Manwaring, Amanda McTigue,  bigwords101 – Arlene Miller, Harry Reid, Linda Reid, Melissa Kelley, Jana McBurney-Lin, Local Author’s Distribution – Jeane Slone, Juanita J. Martin, Kid Lit Corner: Get Out Books & Black Garnet Press, Susan Pace-Koch, Cara Black, Laura Rennert, P.S. Foley, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Rita Lakin, Margie Yee Webb.  Also look for Copperfield’s,  Harper Davis Publishers, Healdsburg Literary Guild,  Napa Valley Writers’ Conference, Poetry Flash, Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Sitting Room, Sixteen Rivers Press.  For a full list of exhibitors this year, please go to:

Cheering for all writers and readers!


Writers’ Platform & Fanbase-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”

Please click here to see Coach Teresa interviewed by Frank Mallicoat on Channel 5 Bay Sunday - the show was aired on September 9, 2012, 5:30am.



















CA State Fair line-up of authors for July 22-28, 2012


CA State Fair line-up of authors for July 29, 2012 last day of fair

Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to cheer for author Margie Yee Webb who does so much for colleagues, aspiring writers, and communities to promote literacy and animal welfare.

What’s Margie’s book? Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life

“The playful maxims with equally delightful photographs in Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings inspire readers to fall in love with life.” – Teresa LeYung- Ryan, author of Love Made of Heart; Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days


California State Fair -

Are you going to the California State Fair July 12-29, 2012 ? If you are . . .  please stop by A/B Building and look for Margie and her beautiful gift book.

Margie will be at the fair these dates: * July 14 * July 16 * July 23 * July 24 * July 29 *


Margie Yee Webb, Author-Photographer of Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings--photo by Coach Teresa


I see that Naida West, Sandy Baker, Hazuki Kataoka & D. Battino, James Van Eaton, Denise Lee Branco, Margaret Murray will be exhibiting too!  Cheers to Margie Yee Webb and all the authors! For the full list of California authors at the state fair, with Naida West as Author Manager:

For state fair general information and directions to the fairgrounds:

Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life

Where else would you find Margie Yee Webb ?
Author/Photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life

Got Cat Stories?
Co-Creator, Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Cats

She is:
Past President (2007-2011)
California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch

“Serving The Greater Sacramento Region”
Cat Writers’ Association,
Northern California Publishers & Authors,
Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter,
Bay Area Independent Publishers Association,
* * * * *
On Saturday, September 22, 2012 Margie and I will be exhibiting our books at the Sonoma County Book Festival in Santa Rosa, CA.  Please look for updates at my Event Page in September.
I cheer for writers and readers!







Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa says: “I love helping writers build their platforms and published authors fortify theirs with individualized coaching.”

As coach and author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW, she advices: “Make your name synonymous with the issues you write about.”

Teresa has built her own platform happily; her novel Love Made of Heart and her short play Answer Me Now carry the theme closest to her heart: mother-daughter relationship.

Teresa LeYung-Ryan helps clients identify themes, universal archetypes, front-story and back-story in their manuscripts.

Coach Teresa, Should I Buy Illustrations for My Book?

Hi Teresa ,

I want to thank you for having spoken at the Redwood Writers Club January 2012 meeting.  I regret that a prior engagement did not allow my remaining for the question-&-answer period. Were I able to remain, I would have hoped to ask this:

I recently completed writing and revising my first science fiction novel,   I have begun discussions with an editor and would like to know if it is too soon to acquire my intended illustrations.  I already have people committed to do this.

I very much appreciate any comment you are able to make.  Again, thank you for the valuable advice at the RW meeting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Author (I will reveal  your name and URL if you wish),

First, congratulations on having completed your novel!

The publisher of a book is the boss when it comes to what illustrations are used and who creates them.  Of course if you are the publisher, you have final say. If you’re selling rights to a publisher, negotiate a contract that makes you happy.

The owner of the ISBN of a book is the publisher.

Example:  The publisher of my first book (Love Made of Heart) is Kensington Publishing Corp. NY.  My contract with Kensington (John Scognamiglio was the acquisition editor) dealt with my selling them the rights to publish my book and Kensington paid me an advance. My agent (Stacey Glick) negotiated the contract for me.  Even though the Publisher/Author contract  stated “Author to give input to cover design,” I didn’t have final say. The art director (Lou Malcangi) at Kensington had purchased art work from a photographer to produce the cover (Kensington and the photographer entered into a contract. I had no role in that contract).

Seek advice from a literary attorney.  Seek advice from folks at Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and  Northern California Publishers & Authors.

Honor each contract; prevent conflicts by understanding what rights you are selling or buying.

To participate in this blog post, submit a comment by: clicking on the blue title bar of this post, scrolling down to get the boxes, filling in the boxes and click on “submit comment” button — so that thousands of my fans will see your name, URL (your website/blog address if you have one), what themes/subject matters/issues hook you, and, what themes/subject matters/issues you want to spotlight.

I wish you joy, light, and a dancing heart.

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Teresa LeYung-Ryan has helped over 1,000 writers. As author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW, she coaches authors before and after publication. As editor/story consultant, Coach Teresa helps her clients polish their manuscripts. Her novel Love Made of Heart is used in college composition classes. Read her blog.



Coach Teresa, What Happened at the Sonoma County Book Festival – Part 1


Kate Farrell, Book Festival Director Melissa Kelley, Teresa LeYung-Ryan and Margie Yee Webb celebrating the literary arts & promoting literacy at the Sonoma County Book Festival 2011

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “I had a delightful day. Fun with booth partners Kate Farrell & Margie Yee Webb; saw colleagues and fans old and new; was able to see Maxine Hong Kingston and her circle of Veterans; met Ron Shaw of National Alliance for Mental Illness NAMI; got to be on stage at Redwood Writers Reading Circle and read opening lines from Love Made of Heart; sold many copies of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days . Thank you, everyone, especially Melissa Kelley and her team, Ana Manwaring for orchestrating the show and David for creating that beautiful stage,  Linda Loveland Reid (president of California Writers Club-Redwood Branch) for all that she does for the community, and Linda C. McCabe for inviting me to be January 2012 speaker at Redwood Writers!”

Teresa LeYung Ryan let Ron Shaw know that NAMI is on her Advocacy for Mental Health page on her website and that she uses Love Made of Heart to inspire other adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their families.

Kate Farrell showcased a new anthology she’s edited, Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother. With this anthology Kate conveys the wisdom of our mothers and the meaning daughters bring to this unique and deeply bonded relationship—through memoir. She is very excited that some of the local authors in the anthology read on the Reading Circle stage in the Redwood Village, sponsored by the Redwood Branch of California Writers Club.

Margie Yee Webb is author/photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life a gift book for cat lovers and their finicky friends!  “Through my book, I promote pet awareness and encourage people to make a difference in the lives of cats and other companion animals.” says Margie.  She adds, “With the photographs of my cat Mulan complemented with words of wisdom, I bring people joy, smiles, and laughter.”



President Linda Loveland Reid standing & cheering for Redwood Writers at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011--photo by Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


Linda Loveland Reid (author of Touch of Magenta) says: “I was born in Hollywood, which has always been fun to say, and who knows, maybe it has lent its magic to my involvement with Theater. In any case, it has been suggested that there is a bit of the dramatic in my ways. I’ll take that as a compliment… I think.”

Check out Linda’s website to see all that she does for the community.


Carol Sheldon, Barbara Truax, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Kate Farrell, Margie Yee Webb having fun at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011


Mother Lode placed in the top 5% of 5000 entries in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2011. It is Carole Sheldon’s first foray into the novel form as a playwright, her sandcastles and lifelines were both chosen for professional productions on the East Coast.

Barbara Truax is a founding member of Marin branch and past president of the state-wide California Writers Club. During her state presidency, the California Writers Club accepted a California Legislative Resolution, declaring the third week of October as California Writers Week.  She has published short stories and articles and after a three-year hiatus, has returned to writing.



Margie Yee Webb greets new fans at Sonoma County Book Festival--photo by Coach Teresa

Linda Loveland Reid, Kate Farrell, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Carol Sheldon, Margaret Murray, Margie Yee Webb at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011--representing California Writers Club, Women's National Book Association, and Bay Area Independent Publishers Association


Coach Teresa (right) recommends Nicole Zimmerman's blog



Ana Manwaring orchestrated the Redwood Writers Reading Circle stage (stage built by David) at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011


Ana Manwaring writes, edits, teaches and connects writers with writers in Wine Country, California. She’s branded cattle in Hollister, out-run gun totin’ maniacs on lonely highways, rented casas to Canadians in Cuernavaca, slept in ruins, PEMEX stations and beached sailboats, hitchhiked through-out the West, discovered hot springs in Baja, lived on houseboats, learned Spanish, advocated for immigration reform, consulted brujos, prepared hundreds of tax returns, visited every California mission, worked for a PI, and swum with dolphins.



Linda C. McCabe & Kate Farrell


Linda C. McCabe Quest of the Warrior Maid brings the legends of Charlemagne to life with a retelling of the classic love story of Bradamante and Ruggiero.  See all the places that Quest of the Warrior Maid is available at!

Kate Farrell Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother–groundbreaking anthology includes 25 true and compelling stories about mother that express the wisdom shared or learned.


Persia Woolley & Leigh Anne Lindsey meeting new fans at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011

Leigh Anne Lindsey says: “SeaStorm Press is an ‘author-centric’ indie epublisher. We publish ebooks, establish and manage social media accounts and create websites and marketing materials. Our first author is Jim T. Lindsey  (Nova Scotia) with his ebook: ‘The Flaw in the Fabric, Book 1 of A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls’ ebook available now for $2.95 @ Smashwords, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google  Books and Scribd.”


Coach Teresa here . . . This is Part 1 of a series of photo-posts.  What a magical day we experienced at the Sonoma County Book Festival!

YOUTUBE Video — Day after the event — back at the site of the book festival.


Coach Teresa

Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!”

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

$9.81 for ebook; $22 for print edition

Love Made of Heart inspiring adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their families.

As a manuscript consultant, Teresa LeYung-Ryan loves helping writers identify their themes and archetypes.

YouTube Channel:

Teresa on facebook!  She’s also involved in Women’s National Book Association and California Writers Club



Hi Teresa,
Thought you may be interested in this self-publishing article in the Sac Bee.  Ken Umbach is in the article and gives great advice!
Margie Yee Webb
Thanks, Margie!  What a helpful article by Allen Pierleoni at The Sacramento Bee. . . which answers the questions “How do I self publish? Is it difficult?  Is it costly?” beautifully.

After you read the article, please check out these organizations

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)

Northern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA)

California Writers Club  18 branches in California

Women’s National Book Association


Publishing Panel: Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 • 2-5 p.m.

San Francisco Main Public Library


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

Self-publishing gets easier with online tools

By Allen Pierleoni
Published: Monday, Aug. 9, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 1D
Last Modified: Monday, Aug. 9, 2010 – 1:09 pm

You, too, can be an author.

In print and online, self-published authors have never had so many choices of where and how to place their memoirs, novels, cookbooks, essays and poetry.

Among those there to help them is Bob Young, co-founder of the giant online publishing company Lulu. Young says “the new publishing model” will not be dependent on best-sellers – the lifeblood of traditional publishing – but on niche publications.

“Our most successful authors generally fit into specialized knowledge-based categories,” said Lulu spokesman Jonathan Cox. “They write about business, economics, computers, the Internet, art.”

Among the major players accommodating aspiring writers – in a few cases, established authors as well, such as John Edgar Wideman (“Briefs”) – are Amazon (CreateSpace and Digital Text Platform), Author Solutions (parent company of AuthorHouse, Xlibris and iUniverse), Barnes & Noble (PubIt!), Apple (iBookstore), Lulu, Smashwords, Scribd and Fastpencil.

Profits from sales are split between publisher and author, with publishers getting 20 percent to 30 percent and writers getting 70 percent to 80 percent.

Self-published authors can choose to have their finished products as e-books downloadable to a variety of e-readers (including Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad), other mobile devices and PCs, or in traditional book form, or both.

They’re doing so in viral numbers. Last year, 764,448 self-published titles appeared – an increase of 181 percent from 2008. That compares with 289,729 titles from traditional publishing houses, according to the R.R. Bowker Co., which compiles bibliographic data.

Ideal for untested writers; not great for literary stars

E-books account for an estimated 5 percent to 10 percent of all U.S. book sales, according to book industry consultants, but within five years they could account for up to 25 percent.

On Friday, Dorchester Publishing announced that it will abandon its traditional print publishing business in favor of “an e-book/print-on-demand model.”

The decision came after sales of its mass-market paperbacks, its specialty, fell by 25 percent last year and have been even worse in 2010.

Jim Milliot, co-editorial director of Publishers Weekly, said the self-publishing movement “isn’t making any of the big publishers nervous, but they’re certainly watching it.”

“If they have a fear, it’s that one of their large-name authors will go out on his or her own,” Milliot said. “But what keeps the big authors tied to their houses is big advances. You’re not going to see a John Grisham go running to Smashwords.”

As e-readers, e-books and e-bookstores become more ingrained in our culture, the digital self-publishing model gets the most buzz.

Usually, the digital model works in conjunction with print on demand, in which a paper book isn’t physically printed until it’s been presold. That’s a double whammy for an author – an e-book and a paper version of the same title.

Start typing

How does a writer turn an electronic manuscript into an e-book? The process is simple.At www.barnesandnoble/pubit, for instance, the directions for the digital self-publishing template advise: “Set up your account (with us), then start loading files and cover art for … your e-books. PubIt! converts digital files to ePub format, the most widely accepted format for e-reader and mobile devices. … Now millions of readers can buy your e-books” through online bookstores.

Kenneth Umbach of Citrus Heights uses Lulu as a publishing platform for paper and digital books.

Through his Umbach Consulting and Publishing, he has produced his own titles (a collection of columns from the weekly newspaper Senior Spectrum, and a how-to-publish handbook) and those of others. Sales have been “modest,” he said.

Probably his company’s biggest seller was “Capitol Crimes,” a collection of mystery stories by members of the Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime, published partly as a fundraiser.

Umbach advises aspiring self-publishers to be aware of add-on services for sale by tech publishers, from editing to promotional packages.

“Hire someone with expertise in laying out your book, and have a set of competent eyes editing it,” he said.

Publishing is just one step

One of the conceits of self-publishing is that it democratizes the process, allowing anyone to put a book in the marketplace and name his or her price. There is no longer the need for an agent, an editor or a monolithic publishing house.The nature of success changes, too.

“For successful authors, writing the book is the beginning,” said Cox of Lulu. “They maintain blogs, speak at conferences, stay active in online forums that potential readers are likely to visit.”

“Success is different for every author,” he added. “Some just want to share an idea with the world, so they give away their books or sell them at cost. Others want to build a personal brand. Many want to make money.”

Lulu has paid “millions of dollars in royalties to our authors,” Cox said. “Some earn a couple of dollars over the lifetime of their books. Others earn thousands of dollars every year. We have one author who has earned more than $196,000″ from a technical book.

“The market is broad and diverse,” said Amazon spokeswoman Sarah Gelman. “We think that our Digital Text Platform makes it possible for authors and publishers to offer more titles, at better prices, to Kindle customers. We also think this will allow more authors to make a living at their craft.”

Milliot of Publishers Weekly cautions: “For a new author with no established audience, the chances of succeeding are not very high.”

Some find fame

But there are success stories.Unable to break into traditional publishing, Boyd Morrison placed “The Ark” on Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. Sales were so great that Simon & Schuster – one of the publishers that had rejected the thriller – bought it and printed it in hardback.

Frustrated by publishers who turned down her novel “A Scattered Life,” Karen McQuestion published it online. The e-book sold nearly 40,000 copies and now McQuestion has a movie option.

J.A. Konrath says he’ll make $100,000 this year from Kindle sales of his thriller “Whiskey Sour.” That despite book critics calling the title “formulaic” and “cliché-ridden.”

Which brings up the issue of quality. If anybody can publish anything, how good will most of it be?

“In the ‘old days,’ after 30 rejection letters, you’d stick the manuscript in a drawer,” said Milliot. “Today you send it to (an online publisher). By far the lion’s share of self-published material – both print or digital – would never be published (in a traditional way) because, frankly, it’s not professional grade. That said, there is some good stuff out there.”

Laura Miller, co-founder of the online magazine, took self- publishing to task from the perspective of a former book editor who worked in the mainstream New York publishing industry.

In a brutal yet telling essay for, she wrote in part, “Civilians … can talk as much trash as they want about the supposedly low standards of traditional publishing. They haven’t seen the vast majority of what didn’t get published. Believe me, if you have, it’s enough to make your blood run cold, thinking about (it) being introduced into the general population.”

© Copyright The Sacramento Bee. All rights reserved.

Call The Bee’s Allen Pierleoni, (916) 321-1128

Author/Self-Publisher Seeks Advice from Writing Career Coach Teresa

Here’s a question from a hard-working author:

“Dear Teresa,

One of my friends is planning to publish her book.  I want her to get the best price for her money…  The main thing I’m interested in is distribution, selling online, and creating DVDs.  I would love your comments. Thank you.”   Kim

Here’s my reply:

Hi, Kim,

Amazon has a new self-publishing program:
Do read up on that program.

Also, 2 organizations in the Bay Area to help authors/publishers:

Even if you find a publisher that has a huge distribution channel, the challenge “how big is the author’s platform?” still exist. That’s why I wrote my workbook –to help authors build that platform before the book is published, to beat the game.

If you send your friend to and also tell her about Amazon Create Space program, and Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, and Northern California Publishers & Authors, then she’ll be armed with resources.

I want you to be armed too (and have fun).


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

“Reach out, not stress out, when building your writer’s name.”

Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published is the 22 minutes for 22 days workbook

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