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Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan, what happened on Sunday Feb. 19, 2012 at San Francisco Writers Conference?


Here’s another example on how to help yourself by helping your loyal pals.  It’s the fourth and last day of the fabulous conference.

On the first day  of SFWC (Thursday Feb. 16, 2012) I had arrived at the Mark Hopkins by 12:30pm–saw dear friends; rehearsed with Mary E. Knippel and fine-tuned my portion of our presentation “Be Your Own Editor” (scheduled for 6:00pm that day). What happened? Here’s that post.

On the second day of SFWC (Friday Feb. 17, 2012) My presentation ” Blowing Up Your Balloon: Writing a Tagline That Will Sell You and Your Book” with Elisa Sasa Southard was scheduled for 9:00am and I put on my “Story Consultant/Platform-Building Coach” combo hat and met with over a dozen authors one on one. Here’s that post.

On the third day of SFWC (Saturday Feb. 18, 2012)  I put on my “Story Consultant/Platform-Building Coach” combo hat again and met with over 30 authors one on one.  Here’s that post.

On the fourth and last day of SFWC (Sunday Feb. 19, 2012) . . . here are some highlights:




Sasa Southard checks details for her San Francisco Literary Tour scheduled for 11:00am Feb. 19, 2012 for SFWC registrants


Sasa Southard (wearing blue beret) gives SFWC registrants her signature San Francisco Literary Tour 2012 Feb 19--tour begins in front of Club Fugazi


Sasa Southard makes her SF Literary Walking Tour fun for everyone--photo by Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan



I said goodbye to Tour Director Sasa Southard, Joyce Turley and the other folks at Washington Square. Then I walked to Mason Street to catch a cable car.  While walking up Mason Street toward the Mark Hopkins, I ran into Lori Henriksen and her partner. Lori, I can’t wait to read your book! Happy platform-building!

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan so delighted to run into novelist Lori Henriksen (right) and her partner on Mason Street on last day of SFWC

I got to the Six Continents room and was delighted to see Rebecca Martin & Lori Noack assisting our pal Martha Alderson.  Mary E. Knippel was there too. Linda Lee had been with them in the morning, while I was with Sasa Southard.


Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson presents at SFWC


Also, I was happy to see Kenneth Ogalvie, Christopher Eng and Joanne Huspek at Plot Whisperer Martha’s enlightening session. Creating plotline is “a must” not only for fiction but also for narrative nonfiction.


Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson answers questions from fans


master-mind members Mary Knippel, Rebecca Martin, Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson, Lori Noack, Teresa LeYung-Ryan at SFWC 2012 (Linda Lee was somewhere in the building helping other writers; Luisa Adams was with her family)


Story Consultant & Editor Teresa LeYung-Ryan happy to see Joanne Huspek at Martha Alderson's breakout session "How to Plot"--photo by Christopher Eng


In the hallway I ran into dear Kathi Kamen-Goldmark (so good to see Kathi!) and Sam Barry (good to see Sam too). I’ll be blogging about Kathi real soon.


Kimberly Edwards & Nina Amir & Margie Yee Webb with Marty Castleberg at SFWC--last day of the most wonderful conference



Practice Aloha / SuperWoman Barbara Santos gets shoulder massage from Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson


Martha Alderson & Teresa LeYung-Ryan & Lolly Winston & Laurie Fox inspire SFWC writers--photo by Tara Farquhar thepennedartist

One of the biggest rewards was having a moment with dear Laurie Fox and Lolly Winston with my pal Martha Alderson. I was overjoyed.

Vicki Weiland and Luisa Adams, how I missed you both.  You both had emailed/called before the conference commenced. I love you gals.

Andy Jones invites Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson to his radio show--photo by Writers' Platform-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


Just when Martha and I were about to walk out of the Rooms of the Dons (a.k.a. SFWC’s Café Ferlinghetti), Leigh Anne Lindsey of SeaStorm Press entered with a “real” video camera and asked me about the 2 sessions I co-presented on Thursday night and Friday morning. Leigh Anne is a colleague through Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) and California Writers Club (CWC).  Robbi Bryant was with Leigh Anne–always fun to see them.

From reviewing the program, I know there were another 20 WNBA members who were at SFWC but I didn’t get to chat with them.  Linda Joy Myers, co-president of WNBA-SF Chapter and founder of National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW), had orchestrated the WNBA exhibit at the conference!

Story Consultant & Writers' Platform-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan & Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson at Nob Hill Cafe SF--photo by author Margie Yee Webb


Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings Margie Yee Webb, Kimberly Edwards & Sheila McDonald meet at Nob Hill Cafe after working 4 days and inspiring writers at SFWC--photo by Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


the end of a lovely conference--lovely food at Nob Hill Cafe--thank you, Plot Whisperer, for the delicious treat.


When the 5 of us got back to the Mark Hopkins, Elizabeth Pomada asked if we wanted the lush centerpieces (garden-in-pots).  I was already schlepping my-show-in-suitcase, so, I didn’t have room for one.  However thank you so much, Elizabeth!  Buddy Martha Alderson gave me a ride to downtown San Francisco; I  walked into Nordstrom, found a quiet spot to unwind, read some pages from Mary Jo McConahay’s Maya Roads: One Woman’s Journey Among the People of the Rainforest (cannot put down this spellbinding read) before meeting with Birgit Soyka to return her camera tripod.

Thank you, buddy Mary E. Knippel, for orchestrating the independent editors program and to all the wonderful volunteers who kept everyone on schedule on Friday and Saturday in the Garden Room!

Thank you, Elizabeth Pomada & Michael Larsen, Barbara Santos & Richard Santos, Laurie McLean, Linda Lee, every volunteer, every SFWC advisory board member and sponsor, SFWC organizational team, Patrick and his team, all fellow co-presenters, speakers, registrants, Mark Hopkins team, and everyone (online, in-person) who played a role in making the conference the most delightful event of the year!

I was “high” going home. It’s two weeks later, I’m still high.  How I love being the Story Consultant & Writers’ Platform-Building Coach.


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams!”

to sneak preview the exercises for Day 1 & Day 2, go to Amazon books


Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

As editor/story consultant, Coach Teresa helps her clients polish their manuscripts by identifying their themes, universal archetypes, front-story and back-story.

Her novel Love Made of Heart is used in college composition classes. Thank you, Teachers & Students!




Coach Teresa, What Happened at the Sonoma County Book Festival – Part 1


Kate Farrell, Book Festival Director Melissa Kelley, Teresa LeYung-Ryan and Margie Yee Webb celebrating the literary arts & promoting literacy at the Sonoma County Book Festival 2011

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “I had a delightful day. Fun with booth partners Kate Farrell & Margie Yee Webb; saw colleagues and fans old and new; was able to see Maxine Hong Kingston and her circle of Veterans; met Ron Shaw of National Alliance for Mental Illness NAMI; got to be on stage at Redwood Writers Reading Circle and read opening lines from Love Made of Heart; sold many copies of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days . Thank you, everyone, especially Melissa Kelley and her team, Ana Manwaring for orchestrating the show and David for creating that beautiful stage,  Linda Loveland Reid (president of California Writers Club-Redwood Branch) for all that she does for the community, and Linda C. McCabe for inviting me to be January 2012 speaker at Redwood Writers!”

Teresa LeYung Ryan let Ron Shaw know that NAMI is on her Advocacy for Mental Health page on her website and that she uses Love Made of Heart to inspire other adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their families.

Kate Farrell showcased a new anthology she’s edited, Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother. With this anthology Kate conveys the wisdom of our mothers and the meaning daughters bring to this unique and deeply bonded relationship—through memoir. She is very excited that some of the local authors in the anthology read on the Reading Circle stage in the Redwood Village, sponsored by the Redwood Branch of California Writers Club.

Margie Yee Webb is author/photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life a gift book for cat lovers and their finicky friends!  “Through my book, I promote pet awareness and encourage people to make a difference in the lives of cats and other companion animals.” says Margie.  She adds, “With the photographs of my cat Mulan complemented with words of wisdom, I bring people joy, smiles, and laughter.”



President Linda Loveland Reid standing & cheering for Redwood Writers at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011--photo by Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


Linda Loveland Reid (author of Touch of Magenta) says: “I was born in Hollywood, which has always been fun to say, and who knows, maybe it has lent its magic to my involvement with Theater. In any case, it has been suggested that there is a bit of the dramatic in my ways. I’ll take that as a compliment… I think.”

Check out Linda’s website to see all that she does for the community.


Carol Sheldon, Barbara Truax, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Kate Farrell, Margie Yee Webb having fun at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011


Mother Lode placed in the top 5% of 5000 entries in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2011. It is Carole Sheldon’s first foray into the novel form as a playwright, her sandcastles and lifelines were both chosen for professional productions on the East Coast.

Barbara Truax is a founding member of Marin branch and past president of the state-wide California Writers Club. During her state presidency, the California Writers Club accepted a California Legislative Resolution, declaring the third week of October as California Writers Week.  She has published short stories and articles and after a three-year hiatus, has returned to writing.



Margie Yee Webb greets new fans at Sonoma County Book Festival--photo by Coach Teresa

Linda Loveland Reid, Kate Farrell, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Carol Sheldon, Margaret Murray, Margie Yee Webb at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011--representing California Writers Club, Women's National Book Association, and Bay Area Independent Publishers Association


Coach Teresa (right) recommends Nicole Zimmerman's blog



Ana Manwaring orchestrated the Redwood Writers Reading Circle stage (stage built by David) at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011


Ana Manwaring writes, edits, teaches and connects writers with writers in Wine Country, California. She’s branded cattle in Hollister, out-run gun totin’ maniacs on lonely highways, rented casas to Canadians in Cuernavaca, slept in ruins, PEMEX stations and beached sailboats, hitchhiked through-out the West, discovered hot springs in Baja, lived on houseboats, learned Spanish, advocated for immigration reform, consulted brujos, prepared hundreds of tax returns, visited every California mission, worked for a PI, and swum with dolphins.



Linda C. McCabe & Kate Farrell


Linda C. McCabe Quest of the Warrior Maid brings the legends of Charlemagne to life with a retelling of the classic love story of Bradamante and Ruggiero.  See all the places that Quest of the Warrior Maid is available at!

Kate Farrell Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother–groundbreaking anthology includes 25 true and compelling stories about mother that express the wisdom shared or learned.


Persia Woolley & Leigh Anne Lindsey meeting new fans at Sonoma County Book Festival 2011

Leigh Anne Lindsey says: “SeaStorm Press is an ‘author-centric’ indie epublisher. We publish ebooks, establish and manage social media accounts and create websites and marketing materials. Our first author is Jim T. Lindsey  (Nova Scotia) with his ebook: ‘The Flaw in the Fabric, Book 1 of A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls’ ebook available now for $2.95 @ Smashwords, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google  Books and Scribd.”


Coach Teresa here . . . This is Part 1 of a series of photo-posts.  What a magical day we experienced at the Sonoma County Book Festival!

YOUTUBE Video — Day after the event — back at the site of the book festival.


Coach Teresa

Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!”

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

$9.81 for ebook; $22 for print edition

Love Made of Heart inspiring adult children of mentally ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their families.

As a manuscript consultant, Teresa LeYung-Ryan loves helping writers identify their themes and archetypes.

YouTube Channel:

Teresa on facebook!  She’s also involved in Women’s National Book Association and California Writers Club




Leigh Anne Lindsey, founder of SeaStorm Press (an ‘author-centric, indie epublisher & emarketer), publishes ebooks, establishes and manages social media accounts and creates websites and marketing materials.

Leigh Anne is a mover-and-shaker with a kind heart; I’m fortunate to know her through Women’s National Book Association.


Leigh Anne Lindsey was interviewed by California Writers Club–Redwood Branch

Member in the Spotlight : Leigh Anne Lindsey

Sci-fi/fantasy writer Leigh Anne Lindsey is also the founder of SeaStorm Press, an epublishing and emarketing company whose very first ebook was picked up by a traditional publisher just after its release. As you’ll see from this interview, her success is the result of effort, cooperation, skill, and much determination.

What led to your smashing success with SeaStorm?

It’s due to the great partnership I have with my brother, Jim T. Lindsey, the author of SeaStorm’s first ebook, The Flaw in the Fabric – Book 1 of A Traveller’s Guide for Lost Souls. He had a manuscript ready to go that he’d worked on for the past six years and had edited by professionals for the past year.

To read the entire interview, please visit in August.

Cheers to you, Leigh Anne Lindsey!


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan who says: “Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!”

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days

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