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In California . . . Remember the book festival staged at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco? And, there was the Oakland Literature Expo produced by Kim McMillon and the Sonoma County Book Festival!

This weekend  June 3 and 4, 2017 in Berkeley, California is the Bay Area Book Festival!

Cherilyn Parsons is Founder and Executive Director!


Look for these authors:

Margie Yee Webb, Barbara Santos, Michael Larsen et al at the San Francisco Writers Conference booth.

Rita Lakin (Sunday 11:30am – 1:00pm) and her colleagues at the Sisters In Crime booth.

Nanci Lee Woody, Elise Frances Miller, Laurel Anne Hill, Audrey Kalman,  James Hanna, Tory Hartmann et al from Sand Hill Review Press  And, congratulations to Margaret Davis and Bardi Rosman Koodrin whose novels will be released soon!

Cheers to all authors, publishers, editors, book sellers, readers, artists, City of Berkeley, San Francisco Chronicle, Cherilyn Parsons and her super team, all participants, sponsors, well wishers!

Cheers to AAUW, AAWAA, CLA, CWC, Gold Country Writers, SFWC,  SF Writing For Change, WNBA

Yours truly Teresa LeYung-Ryan has fond memories of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (adventures with Elisa Sasa Southard) and the Arizona Book Festival (thank you to friends and book sellers in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe)!

Programs for writers! June 10-17, 2017

presented by California Writers Club members

and the San Mateo County Fair Literary Stage

San Mateo County Fair website:

Map of Fair Grounds:

“Book Festivals, Fairs – Labor of Love, Writing, Reading,” says Writing Coach / Theme Consultant Teresa LeYung-Ryan








I am Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan who teaches my clients (writers, artists) how to reach out, not stress out, before and after publication — identify themes in their intellectual properties and create scripts for pitches, query letters, press releases, talking-points, one-minute videos, photo slideshows, and the all-mighty blog. Please visit  and for resources.

The workbook:
Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW – print edition available at Laurel Book Store in Oakland, CA and on Amazon – print edition and Kindle edition!

Everyday I’m reminded of this truth: No one is “self made.” No writer is an island. In the fiercely competitive book industry, a writer needs a circle of colleagues, friends and loved ones to survive and thrive.

Case in point:
On Sept. 19, 2009, I was one of the exhibitors at the Sonoma County Book Festival in Santa Rosa, CA.

Teresa LeYung Ryan, Amy Gorman, Kate Farrell, Rita Lakin, Pat Windom, Marcia Canton having fun together at Sonoma County Book Festival

Teresa LeYung Ryan, Amy Gorman, Kate Farrell, Rita Lakin, Pat Windom, Marcia Canton having fun together at Sonoma County Book Festival

“Sonoma County Book Festival was a testament of positive attitude and team effort.  Shyne, Kate Farrell, Marcia Canton, Rita Lakin, Amy Gorman and I chipped in to buy two 10’x10’ booths.  We had to bring our own tables, chairs, and canopies though. Linda L. lent us her canopy; we dusted off our card tables and folding chairs.

“My sister Maria helped me design a lovely poster.  My hubby Lyle found a second canopy through Craigslist, packed a cooler for us, and schlepped a carload to the festival. (Shyne, we missed you.)  Pat Windom and Marcia’s hubby Joe sat at the booths while the five of us got stage time (Thank you, Kate Farrell and Linda Loveland Reid!). B. Lynn Goodwin was our
neighboring exhibitor.  So many other folks to thank–calendar editors; CWC & WNBA colleagues; Marlene Cullen’s writers’ forum; book festival organizers and volunteers (led by Nadja); readers who stepped out to support the event.  Networking, meeting fans, being out in the community. Glad we were together, having fun.” Teresa LeYung Ryan, author of Love Made of Heart and writing-career coach

“Calling ourselves the Fab Five, our group talked books all day to a
constant stream of eager readers interested in literature and in meeting
authors. The Fair was splendidly organized and the spirit warm and
inviting. Thanks for offering this day to the community.”  Amy Gorman,
author of Aging Artfully: 12 Profiles of Visual and Performing Artists

“What an opportunity the SoCo Book Festival was for me and my young adult
novel, Girl in the Mirror ! I sold books; gave out postcards; networked
with teachers and librarians in the community; and spoke to some teenage
girls. There is no substitute for speaking directly to your audience
(sorry, Twitter).”  Kate Farrell, author of Girl in the Mirror Workshop Leader

“And what an interesting, intelligent, talented group of women we are,
including dear Pat Windom who will make it Fab Six (and others who might
beg to join us) for next year’s appearance. I bet Booths 75-76 had more
fun than anybody.” Rita Lakin, author of the Gladdy Gold mystery series

“Can’t stop thanking you for a special day!” Marcia Canton, Ph.D., author
of Mentoring in Higher Education: Best Practices

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