Librarians Cannot Live On Love Alone

Librarians Cannot Live On Love Alone

What’s so wonderful about a public library? A library houses books, CDs and DVDs for you to borrow, reference books and magazines for you to read on the premise, computers for you to use, Internet for you to access; it offers quiet space and specialists who can help you find the information you need. I love libraries.

Did you know that many of our public libraries are in trouble? Because librarians and other library staff members are employees of their city, they cannot even tell patrons when their libraries are negatively impacted or when their jobs are in jeopardy. However, we, the patrons, have the power to advocate on their behalf.  We can fuel library power.

One example: In Oakland, CA, all library branches (except for the main branch) will be open only 5 days a week. Their material budget has been cut. Librarians are forced to take furlough days. The adult literacy program Second Start is in jeopardy. Come to a Save-the-Libraries meeting and take an active role.

Library advocates are nice people. We have mighty voices to ask questions that city council members need to answer.

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