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The sequence of the three phrases in the ballot measure title for Proposition 1E  “Mental Health Services Funding. Temporary Reallocation. Helps Balance State Budget.” of the California Statewide Special Election May 19, 2009 is an example of how disjointed themes confuse and even trick the reader/voter.

We, California voters, had voted for Prop 63 Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).  Now, State officials want to “reallocate” funds for those services to help balance the budget?

The documents on the NAMI California website provide insight on Prop 1E.

Mission — NAMI California is a grass roots organization of families and individuals whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness. We advocate for lives of quality and respect, without discrimination and stigma, for all our constituents. We provide leadership in advocacy, legislation, policy development, education and support throughout California.

NO on Prop 1E California May 19, 2009

NO on Prop 1E California May 19, 2009

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