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Leigh Anne Lindsey, founder of SeaStorm Press (an ‘author-centric, indie epublisher & emarketer), publishes ebooks, establishes and manages social media accounts and creates websites and marketing materials.

Leigh Anne is a mover-and-shaker with a kind heart; I’m fortunate to know her through Women’s National Book Association.


Leigh Anne Lindsey was interviewed by California Writers Club–Redwood Branch

Member in the Spotlight : Leigh Anne Lindsey

Sci-fi/fantasy writer Leigh Anne Lindsey is also the founder of SeaStorm Press, an epublishing and emarketing company whose very first ebook was picked up by a traditional publisher just after its release. As you’ll see from this interview, her success is the result of effort, cooperation, skill, and much determination.

What led to your smashing success with SeaStorm?

It’s due to the great partnership I have with my brother, Jim T. Lindsey, the author of SeaStorm’s first ebook, The Flaw in the Fabric – Book 1 of A Traveller’s Guide for Lost Souls. He had a manuscript ready to go that he’d worked on for the past six years and had edited by professionals for the past year.

To read the entire interview, please visit in August.

Cheers to you, Leigh Anne Lindsey!


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