Thank you, Chris Philpot, for letting me know about the links (on my resources page for writers) that needed updating.  Click here for Writing Coach Teresa’s webpage “Resources for Writers”

Your generosity is much appreciated.  What a nice reminder for this message:

In my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days, I provide website links/addresses (URLs) to organizations.  When website administrators of organizations change their URLS or even delete their webpages, you and I have no control over that. Go to your favorite search engine (Mozilla Firefox; Internet Explorer; Safari; etc.), type what you are searching for in the [search box] and press your enter key.  Example:  I’m looking for Carmen Lee’s organization and her website. I don’t have the full name of her organizations; I do remember that she advocates speaking up on mental illness and stigmas. So, I type Carmen Lee, mental illness, stigmas, website into the search engine’s search box and press my enter key.  Voila!

The above keywords shown in bold font are called “tags” (tags help us find webpages the way indexes help us find the pages or books containing the keywords we are looking for); use commas to separate tags). And, through the exercises in my workbook, you’ll learn even more ways to find organizations and their URLs; so, use your research skills gained from the workbook and have fun.

To writers and readers, if you are near the UK or have friends in the UK, please tell them about  Cheers to Chris!

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Again, thank you, Chris Philpot, for informing Writing Coach Teresa about broken links on webpages.  


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