Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s August 28, 2013 Open Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama, California Governor Jerry Brown, Newspaper Editors, and Community

Dear Folks,

This is a follow-up to my June 30, 2013 open letter to you.

The workers (AFSCME Local 2428) of East Bay Regional Park District showed up at EBRPD board meetings and spoke during public comment periods.  Their family members, friends and other advocates sent emails, wrote letters, made phone calls (expressing their concern) to EBRPD Board Members and the General Manager.

Workers had rejected the Park District’s June 4th proposal after mediation. Employees’ buying power had eroded by 11.5% over the past four years while managers received merit increases (through board resolutions).

Everyone’s speaking up for fairness, Local 2428 Negotiations Team’s perseverance, and Union Members’ commitment to proceed with work-stoppage if the Park District did not return to the bargaining table . . . inspired solidarity.  Supporters of workers were planning on being in the picket lines with Local 2428.  Thank you, Community!

On July 1st, the Park District and Local 2428 Negotiations Team reached “tentative agreement” thus preempted the strike.

Union members ratified the agreement on July 17th; the park district board members ratified it on August 13th.

Employees’ concerns and actions to watch out for coworkers as well as future employees (who would be walking into the Park District after contract ratification) also inspired hope and compassion.

The media had printed incomplete and incorrect information about EBRPD employee salaries and proposed offers. As E.B. White’s Charlotte-the-spider who saved Wilbur’s life said: “…people are very gullible.”  and “… People believe almost anything they see in print…”  If you want the truths, ask the employees and also review annual reports.

Again, thank you to all advocates of fair labor practices!


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