Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “Please Do Not Give Up On Yourself and Your Writing.”

No writer is an island; no writer is a self-made woman/man.   Our work is influenced by our role models; our work is influenced by our readers/fans.

Thank you to all my friends, colleagues, mentors, advisors, readers/fans, and all dear hearts.

According to the Chase Calendar of Events, the month of October celebrates these causes/issues. For a full list for October or other months, key in the tags [ Chase Calendar of Events ] in your favorite search engine search box.

My mother-daughter love story (Love Made of Heart), published by Kensington Publishing Corp NY, is alive and well because of the issues in the book. Love Made of Heart turns ten years old this month, embracing the issues I’ve highlighted in red.

October is:

  • Antidepressant Death Awareness Month
  • Depression Education and Awareness Month, Natl
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month, Natl
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Natl
  • Dyslexia Awareness Month
  • Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month
  • Emotional Wellness Month
  • Gay and Lesbian History Month
  • German-American Heritage Month
  • Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • Health Literacy Month
  • Medical Librarians Month, Natl
  • Menopause Month, World
  • Month of Freethought
  • Photographer Appreciation Month
  • Polish-American Heritage Month
  • Positive Attitude Month
  • Reading Group Month, Natl
  • Self-Promotion Month
  • Strategic Planning Month, Intl
  • Work and Family Month, Natl
  • Workplace Politics Awareness Month






Cheering for writers and readers and everyone who has a story in her/his heart!


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa’s definition of Writer’s Platform:  “Making your name stand for something—to attract targeted consumers—who are likely to buy what you have to sell.”

print edition ISBN: 978-0983010005

Kindle ebook edition ASIN: B005J9ZEIA
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