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Thank you, dear Marlene Cullen, for asking me to be your guest-blogger this week.

Here’s how I had started the post for Marlene’s blog (The Write Spot Blog–Sharing the Light):

What do I have to be depressed about?

I am blessed with friends, writing colleagues, housemates, spouse, family members, coworkers, a half-time day job, health insurance, my intellectual properties . . .  and what friends call a sense of humor.  But I don’t feel like laughing in my condition, maybe later. I may have inherited the depression gene (or genes) from my loving mother.

While I sympathized with my mother’s illness (my novel Love Made of Heart was inspired by her), it would take experiencing the illness myself before I could gain empathy.


To read more . . .  please visit Marlene Cullen’s blog post by clicking on Transforming Depression Into My Writer’s Muse — by Teresa LeYung-Ryan


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Hi Teresa,
Your guest blog post has been published:
Really nice!  Thank you again. You are just the best.
And, I plan on posting a review of Love Made of Heart for Sunday’s blog post.

Marlene Cullen





For a list of resources, please visit my blog page Helpful Websites & Resources & Guides for Mental Health / Mental Illness / Depression.



Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Teresa’s novel Love Made of Heart: a Mother’s Mental Illness Forges Forgiveness in Daughter Ruby is used in college courses and archived at the San Francisco History Center.

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