This post is dedicated to the writers who have completed the work in the guide Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published.  My heart feels light and joy for you. I celebrate you.  I invite you to sign in the “Build Your Name Hall of Fame” with your acceptance speech [ click on the title of this post and scroll down to get the comment boxes ] by:

  1. Introducing yourself with your new mission statement.
  2. Telling us the top 3 exercises from the guide that were most useful to you.
  3. Giving us a glimpse into your hopes and dreams for your illustrious writing career.

After you sign in the Hall of Fame, do your writer-friends a favor; tell them about the guide and how they can build their names too.  You’re on your way to other endeavors, and, because you’ve developed a new wonderful habit, every project you touch will benefit from your new energy.

I am available for individual coaching and group coaching. To E-mail me, key in WritingcoachTeresa then @, then In the subject line–show your full name and purpose of your e-mail.

May your work be read by many and preserved in libraries!

May your work be read by many and preserved in libraries!


Teresa LeYung Ryan

“Make your name synonymous with the themes/subject matters/issues you write about.”

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2 Responses to “Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published Hall of Fame”

  • My Acceptance Speech:

    I am Mary E. Knippel, writer, Creativity Mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. I help busy women embrace simple shifts and celebrate change with grace and gratitude. In my writing, speaking and workshops, I encourage everyone to realize the healing benefits of tapping into their creativity to P.L.A.Y. Pause for 15 minutes every day to nurture yourself. Love yourself. Access the artist in you. Say Yes! to You!

    The top three exercise from the guide that were most useful to me were:
    1. Day 1, Exercise #1. Noticing myself and how much I’ve accomplished along with the support system I already have in place.
    2. Day 4, Exercise 1. This exercise was invaluable in helping me know who I’m talking to. Recognizing my audience and researching how I can reach them. Narrowing down the scope of potential readers takes a giant weight off trying to guess what my point of view should be.
    3. Day 5, Exercise 1 & 2. My world is much bigger than the cluttered space I occupy in front of the computer and it’s up to me to break down the barriers I’ve created to keep me penned in (pun intended).

    My hopes and dreams: To touch lives with my writing, presentations, workshops and one-on-one consultations. Also publish award winning books, plays and screenplays telling stories with compassion, humor, integrity, wit and wisdom.

    Thank you, Teresa! This is a treasure full of insightful information delivered in manageable segments culminating in a masterpiece.

  • jordan 4 says:

    You can air out your grievances and walk away feeling happier and healthier.
    You will be using the same part of your brain that dreams
    every night. Your emotional identity describes your relationship
    with yourself.

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