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If you’re looking for Fringe of Marin Dominican Unversity Community Players (as of January 2010, they do not have a website), contact House/Stage Manager and Director David Kester (his email address is:  DavidK (at)

Carol Sheldon (in lavender jacket, sitting) cheered by Teresa LeYung Ryan, Diane, Flo, Marisa.

Playwright Carol Sheldon (in lavender jacket, sitting) cheered by Teresa LeYung Ryan, Diane, Flo, Marisa.

Fringe of Marin.  Memorable one-act plays.

Playwright Carol Sheldon is a fellow member of Women’s National Book Association. Tonight I got to see one of her plays. My friends Diane and Marisa and Marisa’s friend Flo went too. 7  one-act plays were on Program II. One play didn’t get to be performed due to food poison–poor actors. Of the 6 plays, I particularly enjoyed L’Amour or Less (a Timely Comedy written and directed by Carol Sheldon) about how the economic slump impacts a brothel and  Eros and Mors (a Dramedy of Love written by Micheline Birger and directed by David Kester) about 2 gay friends running into each other after 20 years and discovering how they could live out their remaining days together.

Diner Memories (a Family Drama, written by Jim Fazackerley and directed by Naomi Glixman) was poignant. Two grown children grapple with decisions as Alzheimer’s disease ravages their mother. My sitting there, moved by the authenticity of the lines and performances, I thought about Lynn Scott’s memoir A Joyful Encounter: My Mother, My Alzheimer Clients, and Me.

Fine acting and direction in all six plays.

In the Artistic Director’s Notes on the program, Dr. Annette Lust ended with:  “Many thanks to our audiences and to the courageous playwrights, directors, actors, and production crew participating in this season’s festival who, despite current financial and other problems facing little theatres, have made the show go on.”

Artistic Director Annette Lust and author Teresa LeYung Ryan

Artistic Director Annette Lust and author Teresa LeYung Ryan

Annette Lust and my friend Diane encouraged me to pull scenes from my novel Love Made of Heart and turn them into an one-act play. That would be a huge project for yours truly who has no experience in play-writing.

Annette also encouraged me to sign up for auditions on January 20, 2010. I have been wanting to observe the process. So much to look forward to.  Aah, the life of a writer and having fun with friends.

Two more performances.  Program II on Saturday Dec.5 at 7:30pm and Program I on Sunday Dec. 6 at 2:00pm (awards follow performance).

Actors Donna Andrews & Stuart Chappell with playwright Carol Sheldon & Teresa LeYung Ryan

Actors Donna Andrews & Stuart Chappell with playwright Carol Sheldon & Teresa LeYung Ryan

Fringe of Marin dedicates its Fall 2009 season to the memory of Mary Walker, a Dominican University English teacher and author who died this fall.

At Meadowlands Assembly Hall, Dominican University, San Rafael.  For information, call (415) 673-3131.

Carol Sheldon said she’s looking for the right producer for her 90-minute play Last Call (about the right to die).  I’d go see any and all plays written by Carol. What a gutsy writer!



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  • Carol Sheldon says:

    I am honored and humbled by your remarks, Teresa. There are all kinds of writing, and this is my debut in blogging! We were all so pleased that you could come with your friends and cheer us on, especially on a night when attendance was low. Your friendship and support are very special, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Carol Sheldon, playwright

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