Thank you Everyone for being there.  If you had filled out an evaluation form from my session, you’ll be receiving additional coaching notes from me about building your writer’s name.

Right now, please click on the blue title-bar of this post/column to get the comment boxes so that you can tell the world what your mission statement is (how you help a particular group of people with the themes/subject matters/issues in your literary work). Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, building your name is a breeze when you have your mission statement.   Here are examples . . .

* * * * * * * * *

(as fiction and narrative non-fiction writer)

I,Teresa LeYung Ryan, use my novel Love Made of Heart to inspire adult-children of mentally-ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas that their families suffer. My motto: Through my writing, I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

* * * * * * * * *

(as prescriptive/”how to” non-fiction writer)

I, Teresa LeYung Ryan, help writers create their mission statements with my workbook Build My Name, Beat the Game: 22 Days to Identify & Develop My Writer’s Platform to Attract Agents, Acquisition Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention. I say: Reach out, not stress out, when building your writer’s name/platform.

* * * * * * * * *

After you fill in the boxes, copy your message (so that you’ll have your composition for your own websites/blogs/email signature blocks), then click the “submit” button in my blog post.  You must fill in the box for “email address” in order to submit comments to any blogs. After you press the “submit” button, your comment will be routed to my blog’s administrator for approval.  You will see your comment “published” on my blog in a day or so, sometimes sooner.

Also try this, to see how the Internet works.  In the Google search box, key in part of a phrase you wrote in your comment and your name (if you included your name in your comment); press Google search key.  Look how fast your entry can be found.

To get a free blog (no hosting fees), go to  If you’d like to watch a video to see how to get a free blog and how to navigate, go here: Linda Lee of created the tutorials.

How was the pre-conference poetry evening? How was the conference?  Redwood Writers Conference was pure joy! I’ll be posting photos and more links during the week.

I cheer for all writers who want to touch lives with their words.

Teresa LeYung Ryan
Author / Writing Career Coach / Publisher

As a writing career coach and editor, I, Teresa LeYung Ryan, help writers identify themes, issues, and archetypes in their manuscripts and choose the right publishing routes.

To comment on any of my columns (blog posts), just click on the blue title bar of the post, fill in the boxes and press “submit.”  Please click here for other posts in my blog

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4 Responses to “Redwood Writers Conference Pure Joy”

  • Deborah says:

    What a thrill to meet you and be in your session at Redwood Writers Conference. I’ve written 1,780 words today, two scenes for my second in my series for middle grade readers. Hope to secure a url for my first blog and website this week.

    Here’s my new tag line on all my emails and comments.

    D. Taylor-French

    Helping kids save dogs’ lives and re-home pets with Dog Leader Mysteries

    dtfpress on Twitter

  • Deborah! Way to go! After you get your URL, come back and submit another comment (so that when readers of my blog click on your name, they’ll be sent to your site). Wonderful mission statement: Deborah Taylor-French helps kids save dogs’ lives and re-home pets with Dog Leader Mysteries.
    I encourage you to create & wear your name tag (that includes your mission statement) and “be seen” at your local bookstores and libraries. Gain fans now, before your books are published. People will ask you: “What is that?” or “How do you help kids save dogs?” Tell them that you are the author of the series, and that if they wish to know when your books will be published… to give you their email or facebook twitter address. That’s how you further build your platform–fans waiting with excitement to read your books. I cheer for you! Sincerely, Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

  • I thought I left a comment before, but don’t see it. It was a thrill meeting you. Your workshop was inspiring and it was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and the helpful information you passed on. My writing will help readers enjoy sleuthing and solve puzzles. Keep Writing and thanks again for the great workshop.
    Julie A. Winrich

  • admin says:

    Julie, thank you so much for blogging about the Redwood Writers Conference and my workshop. I like your mission statement!

    As you go through my workbook Build My Name, Beat the Game, you’ll see how you can turn the phrase “Just another weblog” (in your blog banner) into your mission statement (what WordPress calls “tagline.” You’ll find the tagline box under the “Settings” icon and then under “General”). You can change your tagline anytime you want to by going to “Settings.”

    Julie, I’m cheering for you. While your novels help readers enjoy sleuthing and solving puzzles, your rewriting each draft is the labor of love of putting a ten-thousand-piece puzzle together. Aah, the craft of writing a book. Are you also a member of Sisters in Crime?

    Let’s link our sites. I’ll see you on facebook too!

    Best wishes from Manuscript Consultant/Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

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