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Martha Alderson’s blog post: 17 August 2011

Backstory versus Front Story

Watch your delivery of backstory ~ the story of what, in the past, made the character who they are today (in story time).

Dear Plot Whisperer Martha,

Your advice “Not telling everything makes the reader curious. Curiosity draws the reader deeper into the story world.” is golden.

When I edit my hard-working clients’ manuscripts, I see their desire to ‘inform’ (especially in the first quarter of the story);  and I give them this analogy: “Engaging the reader within the first 5 pages is so much like hooking attention on a first date, the next five pages on a second date, and so on, and so on. Intrigue the reader, not overwhelm her/him.”

Martha, I am so excited that your new book will be available in October! Lucky us writers and manuscript consultants!

Cheers to you!


Teresa LeYung-Ryan

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