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Tuesday night, my sister and I dined at Squat & Gobble Cafe & Crepery before going to my gig with fellow Women’s National Book Association member Birgit Soyka at BookShop West Portal.

At first I thought the eatery was called Squab & Gobble, but, the name is Squat & Gobble. Why “Squat” ?  Chickens squat. People squat.  Squatting is done with the lower half of our body. Why “Gobble” ? Gobbling is done with our mouths.

What’s the lore behind the phrase squat and gobble?

Here’s a story about the Chinese word for “heart”:   The word “heart” is inside the words “grace,” “forgiveness,” “perseverance,” “compassion.” The word “heart” is inside the word “love” thus love made of heart.

What was our gig?


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