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Here’s the announcement from Linda L Reid, 2014 Play Contest Chair:

The Redwood Writers Play Contest is complete with the selection of 6 plays to be produced and 4 plays to receive a staged reading.
I thank our wonderful judges, Garret von Groenveld of San Francisco, Susan Hunt of Santa Rosa, and Barry Martin of Napa.
Congratulations to the winning playwrights listed below. Your plays will be produced at 6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa, CA  during the Redwood Writers Play Festival, running for two weeks beginning May 15, 2014.
Laura McHale Holland – Are You Ready?
David Beckman  - Isn’t It Fabulous?
Joanell Serra  -  Salvador
Mercilee Jenkins  -  Winning
Natasha Yim  -  Playing With Knives
Steven Lubliner  -  All my Big Men
The following plays will be given a staged reading during the run of Play Festival, the date to be determined.
Pamela Jackson  -  Pressed Closer
Jacquelyn Wells  -  Under a Violet Moon
Mercilee Jenkins  -  50 Love Letters
Eyan Dean  -  Is This A Person?
We thank all of you who submitted.
It will be a terrific 4th Play Festival led by Festival Director Lennie Dean.
Linda L Reid
Play Contest Chair

Cheers to Everyone!



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