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Feb. 2, 2012 Passionate writers who attended my session for WNBA members and guests “What Is A Platform and How Do I Build Mine?” at San Francisco Main Library, please broadcast your names and your themes here.  How?  Click on the blue title bar of this post, scroll down to get the boxes, fill in the boxes and click on “submit comment” button so that thousands of  my fans will see your names and URLs, and read about what you care about. (your email addresses will not be revealed)

Courageous authors Mary E. Knippel, Mary French, Lana Dalberg, Laura Bean,  Mathilde Apelt Schmidt, Carole Bumpus, Elise Frances Miller, Carol Sheldon, Fred Glynn, Shulamit Sofia, Catherine C. Robbins, and Richard  G. Robbins DECLARED what they care about.

Please refer to the yellow sheet from tonight’s session.  Look at what you had written in the boxes “What do I care about?”  Then look at the 3 columns:  Professional Circle; Personal Circle; Community Circle

How will you tell/show the people listed in those 3 columns “what you care about”?

Start by showing your declaration in your email signature block and saying it in your outgoing message. Then what?  Do the exercises in my workbook. You can sneak preview the 2 exercises for Day 1 of my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days by going to Amazon’s page for my workbook; look for my bookcover with the  “Click to look inside” arrow.

My signature blocks

Example 1: (as  an author of fiction, narrative nonfiction and speeches–genres that require “story-telling” techniques )


Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“I use my book Love Made of Heart to encourage adult-children of mentally ill parents to speak openly the stigmas and find resources for their families.”

Example 2: ( as an author of prescriptive nonfiction aka self-help books)


Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“I use my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW to help my clients make their names synonymous with the themes/subject matters/issues they write about.

Example 3: (as a writing coach, story consultant, developmental editor)


Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“I help my clients polish their manuscripts by identifying their themes and archetypes.  I know what it takes to write a page-turner; my novel Love Made of Heart is used as required reading in composition classes.”

Coach Teresa asks passionate writers: “What do you care about?”

You are courageous and I cheer for you!

Reach out, not stress out!  Have fun with my workbook!


Coach Teresa



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