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15-minute Plays Fringe of Marin Festival–4 women Carol Sheldon, Patricia Morin, Annette Lust, Suzanne Birrell

While each play had interesting points, Carol Sheldon’s and Patricia Morin’s were the best in Program 1.

Go see for yourselves!

Fringe of Marin Festival packed house 2012 April 13

Carol Sheldon

How can a talented novelist also be a great playwright AND a fabulous actress too! Yes, Carol Sheldon can be all 3!

Carol’s play Three Old Ladies Talk About Sex (monologues) was the second one in the program; during intermission, I heard a woman tell Creative Director Annette Lust “The second play was wonderful” and the two people nearby voice their agreement.

Playwright and Actress Carol Sheldon in costume with fans. Suzanne Birrell (to Carol's right) is bassplayer/ singer/song writer/actress.


Patricia L. Morin,

The lessons in your play The Gatekeeper are heartfelt.  Engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking!  Brava!

Playwright Patricia Morin flanked by Actor Ken Sollazzo and Director Suzan Lorraine and fans


Director Suzan Lorraine with Playwright Patricia Morin and her husband


Artistic Director Annette Lust with Playwright and Actress Carol Sheldon


lovely playwright Carol Sheldon and Stuart



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