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Jobs at Oakland Libraries?

Thank you,  Christine,  for forwarding the email about

3 different positions now opening at the Oakland Public Library.

July 15, 2011

Oakland Public Library will be accepting applications for

Temporary Part Time staff in all job classifications:

Ø Aide,

Ø Library Assistant and

Ø Librarian I.

Please pass along information to anyone who may be interested and qualified.

Completed applications will be accepted until July 31, 2011

Please submit to Room 201, the Branch Services office or to any of the other Public Services Supervisors; Kathleen DiGiovanni or Nina Lindsay.

Applications can be faxed in to the branch office, 510 238-6866

Any questions please contact Mary Schrader or Jane Lopez at the Branch office, 510-238-3511.


Good news from

“On June 30, 2011 Oakland City Council approved a budget for the 2011-2013 fiscal year cycle that keeps all Oakland Public Library locations OPEN!”

Cheers for public libraries and librarians!


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


I visited my dear pal Martha Alderson’s most helpful blog for plot Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple by Martha Alderson

Hi, Martha,
Your plot coaching is priceless. I like your analogy “Do like Hollywood movie directors and cup your hands around one eye like a telescope. Write about that one moment in your story.”

As a manuscript consultant, I get to read stories that carry profound themes and I know my clients have spent years working on their projects.

A mistake I often come across is not enough “showing…with sensory details” and too much “summarizing” or “editorializing.” That’s when I’ll ask my client “Have you looked at Martha’s blog or book?”

I guest-blogged on Nina Amir’s about how to make one’s manuscript compelling

In that post, I referenced The Woman Warrior, Woven of Water, The Other Mother, Angela’s Ashes–all four memoirs have smooth plotlines with what you’d call “Cause and Effect” linked scenes.

I see your new post:

Happy New Year, Int’l Plot Consultant Martha! Thank you for doing your magic!

Teresa LeYung Ryan
Writing-Career Coach/”22 Pages Manuscript Consultant”

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