My talented client Jodi had a concern about her protagonist’s voice.  Jodi asked: “Young voice has a strong dialect. Does adult outgrow that?”

Coach Teresa, how much vernacular / dialect is appropriate in a manuscript?

Manuscript Consultant/Coach Teresa here . . .
“Letting readers hear each character’s distinctive style of speech is writing with authentic details. Sprinkling (not pouring) vernacular grounds us/helps answer the question ‘where are we?’ You do have to be clever and write dialogue in such a way so that we can decipher what is said.

“Show character “adjusting” dialect or accent when she/he enters a new world (examples:  going to college; moving to another part of the country; or in the case of the pal I just visited… an Australian who worked in California and having to adjust her speech, even though Australians speak English, because her boss complained ‘I can’t understand you.’)  Good tension in story-telling.”

I love helping writers polish their manuscripts by identifying their themes and archetypes and build their platforms and fanbases by making their names synonymous with the themes/subject matters/issues they write about.

Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!


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