Hello Berkeley Branch Members & Friends!

Thank you Everyone for being there today.  If you had filled out an evaluation form, you’ll be receiving additional coaching notes from me about building your writer’s name.

Right now, click on the blue title-bar of this post/column to get the comment boxes so that you can tell the world what the themes are in your literary work.

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(as fiction writer) I am Teresa LeYung Ryan and I use my novel Love Made of Heart to inspire adult-children of mentally-ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas that their families suffer. My motto: “Through my writing, I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

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(as non-fiction writer) I am Teresa LeYung Ryan and I help writers with my workbook Build My Name, Beat the Game: 22 Days to Identify & Develop My Writer’s Platform to Attract Agents, Acquisition Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention. I say: “Reach out, not stress out, when building your writer’s name/platform.”

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Also try this, to see how the Internet works.  In the Google search box, key in part of a phrase you wrote in your comment and your name (if you included your name in your comment); press Google search key.  Look how fast your entry can be found.

To get a free blog (no hosting fees), go to www.wordpress.com.  If you’d like to watch a video to see how to get a free blog and how to navigate, go here: http://wordpresscentral.org/ Linda Lee of http://askmepc.com/ created the tutorials.

I Cheer for Writers at California Writers Club October 17, 2010!  Happy California Writers Week (third week of October)!

Teresa LeYung Ryan
Author / Writing Career Coach / Publisher

As a writing career coach and editor, I, Teresa LeYung Ryan help writers identify themes, issues, and archetypes in their manuscripts, and choose the right publishing routes.

To comment on any of my columns (blog posts), just click on the blue title bar of the post, fill in the boxes and press “submit.”  Please click here for other posts in my blog http://lovemadeofheart.com/blog/

photo by Joe Jackson: Celebrating California Writers Week, Don Hudson, Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan, Lloyd Lofthouse, Jerry Mahoney, Alon Shalev hold up California Writers Club's banner at Oakland Public Library after meeting and presentations

photo by Joe Jackson: Celebrating California Writers Week, Don Hudson, Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan, Lloyd Lofthouse, Jerry Mahoney, Alon Shalev hold up California Writers Club's banner at Oakland Public Library after meeting and presentations


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6 Responses to “I Cheer for Writers at California Writers Club October 17, 2010”

  • Linda Lee says:

    “Teresa, I see that you were at CWC yesterday. Thanks for telling more writers about http://wordpresscentral.org. My mission is to help authors and others succeed online and feel empowered on the internet!” Linda Lee, Cyberspace Coach, Webmaster 3 CWC branches, WNBA, dozens of organizations, and dozens of authors (including Teresa LeYung Ryan)

  • Francine Thomas Howard says:

    I was an attendee at the CWC-BB October 17 meeting, and I’ve come to sing the praises of Teresa LeYung Ryan. I am the author of the historical, multicultural novel, Page From a Tennessee Journal (published by AmazonEncore), a book that never would have been published except for the unfailing encouragement of Teresa.
    In early 2003, Ms. Ryan took the time to mentor a group of aspiring writers (at that time I didn’t even know I was aspiring). Through her tutoring I gathered enough courage to enter PAGE into a number of contests–it became a finalist in the 2003 Rupert Hughes Prose Writing Contest (sponsered by the Maui Writers Conference). And in 2009, I hit the publishing jackpot with AmazonEncore. Thank you Teresa!
    Read more about the Teresa LeYung Ryan/Francine Howard connection on my wordpress blog: francinethomashoward.wordpress

  • Francine, I am so so proud of you and happy for you. You had begun building your name by showing up every month at Suzanne Corson’s bookstore (that’s where I first saw you and your name). You continued building your name and gaining recognition by submitting your work to contests; there are people helping writers (including contest judges who read our words) and they don’t broadcast who they are. To have your name connected to a writing contest speaks loudly. To have been chosen as an AmazonEncore Author (imagine the competition) WOW! Your work did speak for itself. To further build your name, make “Francine Thomas Howard” synonymous with the “subject matters & themes” in your beautiful novel Page From a Tennessee Journal. I cheer for you! Sincerely, Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

  • Don Hudson says:

    I was an attendee at the CWC-BB and have been working since then with Teresa on my novel, The Sacred Heart. Teresa is so committed to her clients and does a remarkable job of coaching and encouraging while wielding an insightful red pen.

    Tom Wolfe spoke last week in Charlotte for the public library there and I briefly interviewed him afterwards for The Writer magazine ….He said the basis for his writing continually came back to great reporting and that the key for any writer is getting out of the building and observing people – particularly being on the scene when something happens.

    Thanks Teresa, for pushing my reporting skills.


  • admin says:

    Thanks for showing up at California Writers Club!
    I’m editing your revised chapters. I couldn’t put down the pages–so engaging. Keep up the great rewrites. You’ve transformed exposition into scenes!

    A little sensory detail goes a long way. It feels like I’m in the office, watching Rob, Kim, Stanlee, smelling the burnt coffee, hearing phones ringing, feeling the tension between coworkers, and getting bits of info (not paragraphs) through snappy dialogue and Rob’s internal monologue that keeps me intrigued. Bravo!!!

    I’ll have editorial notes for your first 25 pages by Friday morning.

    2 weeks ago I witnessed a client getting the first-place award in a writing contest. Now I’m reading your novel rewritten with authentic voice, the right pace, and humor too–you made my week!

    Cheers from Manuscript Consultant/Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

  • Sometimes I will even keep a few specific blog posts open in my browser for days – this post is one of them. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your thoughts with us.

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