Coach Teresa here, with very very sad news regarding beloved Kathi Kamen Goldmark.

Today, colleague Joan Gelfand forwarded the letter from Sedge Thomson of West Coast Live:

After a day of friends singing to her, she [Kathi Kamen Goldmark]  passed away quietly. Thus ending her song-filled, hilarious anecdote-laden, love-of-books-saturated, exuberant and kind life. Kathi Kamen Goldmark produced West Coast Live with me from 2003 until last fall. Occasionally you’d hear her singing or playing or laughing or consulted during the broadcast.

Though metastized breast cancer took her today, what she leaves for her wide circle of friends and colleagues are indelible memories, enduring connections, and fuller, more joie-juiced lives.

This Saturday we raise a toast to the life of our beloved friend and producer for many years. Anyone who met Kathi could easily see why she was a central, vibrant figure in the music and literary world.

A celebratory show it will be! With some of the finest cutting-edge actors in a theater-themed show, complete with scintillating conversation, superb music, and laughing play — just as KKG liked it.

We hope you’ll join us in remembering Kathi and carrying her spirit forward.

Sedge Thomson


When Women’s National Book Association honored Kathi Kamen Goldmark 0n November 8, 2008 with the WNBA Award and guest speakers (including Amy Tan!) spoke of Kathi’s achievements . . . what I heard was the tribute to a Hero of a Thousand Faces (her name:  Kathi Kamen Goldmark).

Kathi Kamen Goldmark (center) and colleagues celebrate 2009 WNBA National Reading Group Month

I am very very sad for Kathi’s husband Sam Barry, her son, and all her loved ones.  I light a candle for you, Beautiful Kathi with dimpled smile.

Please go to Kathi’s facebook page for information regarding memorial services for the Hero of a Thousand Faces.


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


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