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Where Can We Find Literary Entertainment in Sausalito and San Francisco?

Wherever you are, check out your local library calendar, coffee house, community events calendar.

Linda Joy Myers founder of National Association of Memoir Writers tells me that Why There Are Words takes place every second Thursday evening of the month in Sausalito, CA!  

“Welcome! This is the place to learn about Why There Are Words, the literary reading series that takes place every second Thursday of the month, at Studio 333 on Caledonia Street in Sausalito, CA, 7 PM, $5 donation at the door.

Each prose (defined as narrative writing other than poetry) reading presents six (6) readers, a combination of those who have published books and those who have not yet. All share the criterion of excellence.

Interested in reading?  Please go to Why There Are Words for please contact Peg Alford Pursell


I couldn’t remember the venue where my poet friends performed in San Francisco, so I Googled the words:  poetry reading san francisco russian hill

Look who is on first page of search results! Joan Gelfand’s website address

Then I Googled:  poetry reading san francisco gallery cafe
There she is again! Joan’s working cyberspace magic!  Go, Joan!!!!!

Kit Kennedy produced the fabulous poetry series at Gallery Cafe. Kit, what are you up to these days?

Coach Teresa here cheering for Kit, Joan, Linda Joy, Peg and all literary entertainers!


Coach Teresa

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