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Tomorrow, Saturday, July 14, 2012, noon to 2:00pm, while I (Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan) will be on the “Writers on Writing” panel at Oakland Public Library, Rockridge Branch, 5366 College Avenue, Oakland, CA with Kim McMillon, Yolande Barial, Joan Gelfand, Stephanie Dale, and Judith Cody . . .

Margie Yee Webb, author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings, will be at California State Fair . . .

and Joanna W. Biggar, author of That Paris Year, will be speaking in Sacramento, CA. While visiting Joanna’s blog, I found her post about another  colleague – Cara Black!

I met Joanna at Book Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco on July 9, 2012 when I was interviewing Carol Sheldon, author of Mother Lode, who was being honored by Left Coast Writers.

That got me thinking about and Jodi O’Donnell-Ames, founder of Hope Loves Company and author Judith Marshall.

Q: Who can be a member of SHE WRITES?

A: We welcome individuals who consider themselves writers!  You don’t need to be a published, professional writer, but most of our members are, or aspire to become so.  When you fill out your profile, please use a name rather than a business.  We prefer first and last names, but we understand if there’s a good reason you need to use a pseudonym.

Businesses: We will not approve businesses as members.  We do not allow unapproved vending on SHE WRITES.  If you wish to promote your services to the writers on the site, there are a few options: 1) advertise with us 2) pitch our SHE NEEDS HELP team, and we will consider promoting you on a case-by-case basis. See our terms of use for further clarification.

Men: We welcome men.  Our reasoning is twofold: 1) legal2) philosophical.  We would not want to be excluded from a site called HE WRITES because of our sex or gender.

While looking up Women On Writing, the annual conference held at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA, I came across Wild Writing Women.

Oh how I love being Coach Teresa!

I cheer for writers & readers (women and men, teens and children)!






Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa says: “I love helping writers build their platforms and published authors fortify theirs with individualized coaching.”

As coach and author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW, she advices: “Make your name synonymous with the issues you write about.”

Teresa has built her own platform happily; her novel Love Made of Heart and her short play Answer Me Now carry the theme closest to her heart: mother-daughter relationship.

Teresa LeYung-Ryan helps clients identify themes, universal archetypes, front-story and back-story in their manuscripts.

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