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August is Happiness Happens Month.

I write about modern courageous women unbeknownst to themselves—my favorite archetype.

This month I celebrate two friends Olga Malyj and Yolande Barial (both August Happiness babies) who embody that archetype.

I met Olga Malyj through work when we were both in our early twenties.  Her work ethics, kindness, and resourcefulness compelled me to intentionally seek her out as friend and role model.  For about six months Olga joined the writing-critique group I was with (Evelyn Miche, Theresa Stephenson and I wanted to bring back our number to 4 when Cat moved back East).  During that time Olga fictionalized stories about her mother as a young woman in the Ukraine. I was mesmerized by the authentic details Olga used.

Fast forward . . . Even though Olga has chosen other outlets to express her creativity, her ability to use language in verbal and written communications is stronger than ever.

Teresa & Olga advocate for public libraries and schools

Olga Malyj is Consultant/Owner at Malyj Consulting. Her forte is in Business Development where she helps business owners effectively manage multi-cultural staffs, projects, global virtual teams, and strategic partnerships.

In her community, she is an advocate for public libraries and schools.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A want ad (to work at the regional park district) brought Yolande Barial into my life.  She was about to become a mom for the first time and I subbed for her when she was on maternity leave.  That was 15 years ago.  Yolande speaks and practices her words-of-wisdom.  One of my favorite Yolande-ism is “Do your job. Go home.”

That’s a helpful reminder for many of us who work part-time or full-time at our homes.  Writing, researching, promoting, networking, mentoring—that’s a lot of work (sometimes thankless work)—we need to take breaks for the simple pleasures in our home lives.

Yolande Barial & Teresa LeYung Ryan speak out for women and girls

A week ago I was at Yolande’s & Monica’s joint birthday party where I witnessed Yolande’s latest rendition of her profound poem DIVA.  Brava!

Yolande Barial is the founder of Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose which seeks to enrich the lives of sisters of all ages and ethnicities through spoken word and other forms of creative expression. YWP encourages girls and women to value each others individuality and nurture and honor that individuality.

This month I celebrate my 2 dear friends (and my darling sister whose birthday was pre-August).
Teresa LeYung Ryan
author of Love Made of Heart

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As an author and community spirit, Teresa LeYung Ryan speaks out for public libraries, honors immigrant-stories, advocates compassion for mental illness, and helps survivors of violence find their own voices through writing.

August 23, 2009

Authors Teresa LeYung Ryan, Luisa Adams, Martha Alderson at Peninsula Festival-San Mateo County Fair

Authors Teresa LeYung Ryan, Luisa Adams, Martha Alderson at Peninsula Festival-San Mateo County Fair

What did I do today?

Got ready for a gig at the San Mateo County Fair/Peninsula Festival (with buddies/authors Luisa Adams and Martha Alderson):

Packed poster of my novel Love Made of Heart; 18 copies of the book; book stands for my book and my buddies’ books; color programs; camera; recorder; show-and-tell material.

Ate hearty breakfast of last night’s leftovers.  Exchanged “Have a fun day!” with my hubby.

Loaded the trunk of my car; off to Luisa’s house so that she, Martha and I can take one car to the festival.

I had told Tory Hartmann, president of California Writers Club-Peninsula Branch (the one who got CWC this gig), that we would arrive by 12:30 (for 1:00 show time). The line of vehicles to the parking lot was longer than a thousand-page novel, and, it was now 12:26.  Don’t panic.  With Luisa’s calmness and Martha’s encouragement, I got into another lane that zipped us to the  entrance.

Show biz. Always be on time. Alexandra King, Co-Director for the stage, recognized us (from our photos) as we rushed into the Expo Hall.  Literary Arts Director of the Peninsula Festival Bardi Rosman Koodrin warmly greeted us.  A joy to work with professionals.

Fellow CWC member Christopher Wachlin (he had presented on Tuesday) was there, and, he said “yes” to taking photos of us 3 on stage. Thank you, Chris!

Tory Hartmann, who had presented on Tuesday as well, moderated our panel.
Questions she asked:

1.  “How did you (Teresa LeYung Ryan, Luisa Adams, Martha Alderson) meet each other?”

2.  “What advice do you have for anyone who wants to write for a readership?”

3.  “What does your writing-life look like?

Teresa, Martha, Luisa answering questions from Tory

Teresa, Martha, Luisa answering questions from Tory

Answer to #1  The 1997 and 1998 Jack London Writers Conference brought Luisa and Martha into my life; we’ve been buddies since, being each other’s safety net in this fiercely competitive arena called the publishing world.

Answer to #2  Writing is lonesome work. Go out and be with other writers, exchange ideas and leads, find mentors, learned from those who have accomplished what you are pursuing. Where do you find these people?  Writers’ organizations.  Writers’ Conferences.

More info on California Writers Club—

More info on Jack London Writers Conference—

Answer to #3  My writing life (today) is preparing for the gig, showing up, having fun.

After we 3 did our job, we supported the festival’s food vendors and ate 4-H’s baked goods. Asked kind strangers to take photos of us in front of roller coaster and giant slide. What a colorful scene!

Back to the stage area to take photos of our colleague Geri Spieler. More photos with Tory, Bardi, and Alexandra. Also part of the writer’ life–show up in the community and have proofs of your showing up.

Back to Luisa’s, said goodbyes.  Came home, swapped “How-was-your-day?” with my hubby, emailed the photos to everyone (at event) who might want to use them for their portfolios, websites, blogs.

After I post this blog, I’ll work on my new book:  YOUR PUBLISHING JOURNEY: BUILD YOUR FAME WHILE WRITING

Geri Spieler, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Tory Hartmann and colleagues at 2009 Peninsula Festival

Geri Spieler, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Tory Hartmann and colleagues at 2009 Peninsula Festival

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