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Writing Career Coach Teresa here.  I just received an invitation from the Media Center. I send hearty congratulations to the Local Heroes.  I know one of the heroes–BARDI ROSMAN KOODRIN!  This is the same Bardi who is the Literary Arts Director at the San Mateo County Fair; the same Bardi who writes for the San Bruno Patch, the same Bardi who works so hard for California Writers Club; the same Bardi who got me to say “yes, it would be an honor” to sponsoring a writing contest focusing on “The Immigrant Experience.”   A thousand cheers to Hero Bardi !!!!!



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Dear Friend of the Media Center,

Our 5th Annual Local Heroes have been selected and it’s time to celebrate them!
Last year’s reception and public screening were so successful we decided to do it again and you are invited.
RSVP: before Friday, April 8th, 2011 for venue, date, time.

We will honor our winners and screen highlights of their interviews. Many of you submitted nominations; others may want to meet our Local Heroes. Either way, we hope you will be able to attend. Refreshments will be served! To help us with our planning please let us know if you can make it.

This year’s winners are:

ELLEN FLETCHER, Palo Alto’s number one champion of the biking community.

DAN WU, a high tech engineer who became a psychiatric nurse and community mental health advocate after helping his wife come to grips with Schizophrenia.

KATE YOUNG, Director of Resident Services at Palo Alto Housing Corporation, a non-profit that creates and maintains housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

BARDI ROSMAN KOODRIN, survivor of countless illnesses who has turned her considerable writing talents to helping others who face similar adversities.

EUGENE M. HYMAN, a Santa Clara County judge who has created an unprecedented program of early intervention with counseling, support and therapy for young people who have acted violently against family members.

ROBERT FREEMAN, creator of an organization that collects just one dollar from millions of high school students then uses the funds for infrastructure projects in developing countries.

It is always difficult to choose among the many incredibly gifted and deserving nominations we receive and we are very proud of those who have been selected this year.

We look forward to seeing you!


Here’s my blog post about the writing contests that Bardi Rosman Koodrin is orchestrating through the San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Dept.

Thank you, Bardi, for being YOU!


Teresa LeYung Ryan,

author of Love Made of Heart;

author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

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Tonight I Googled the phrase “1 in 6″ and these results showed up:

1 in 6 Americans go hungry
1 in 6 Americans in poverty
1 in 6 Americans swine flu
1 in 6 traffic fatalities is a pedestrian
1 in 6 h1n1
1 in 6 hungry
1 in 6 men prostate cancer

1 in 6

1 in 6 adults and almost 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Yet, for many, the stigma associated with the illness, can be as great a challenge as the disease itself. This is where the misconceptions stop. This is where bias comes to an end. This is where we change lives. Because this is where we Bring Change 2 Mind.

911 in-crisis support 800-273-TALK (8255) • 411 mental health information and resources 877-726-4727

One of the best ways you can help someone with mental illness is by understanding what it is – and what it isn’t. After all, myths about mental illnesses contribute to stigma, which often prevents those who are living with it from seeking help.

The fact is, a mental illness is a disorder of the brain – your body’s most important organ – And 1 in 6 adults suffers from brain-related illness including depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and schizophrenia.

Like most diseases of the body, it has many causes – from genetics to other biological, environmental and social/cultural factors. And just as with most diseases, mental illnesses are no one’s fault. The unusual behaviors associated with some illnesses are symptoms of the disease – not the cause.

But most importantly, mental illnesses are treatable through medication and psychosocial therapies – allowing those who suffer from them the opportunity to lead full and productive lives. is a not-for-profit organization created by Glenn Close, the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF), Fountain House, and Garen and Shari Staglin of IMHRO (International Mental Health Research Organization).

The idea of a national anti-stigma campaign was born of a partnership between Glenn Close and Fountain House, where Glenn volunteered in order to learn about mental illness, which both her sister and nephew suffer from.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

As an author and a community spirit, I, Teresa LeYung Ryan, use my novel Love Made of Heart to shed light on stigmas suffered by women, men and children with mental illness/traumas to the mind. I speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

author Teresa LeYung Ryan uses Love Made of Heart to inspire adult-children of mentally-ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas and gain resources for their families

Other resources:

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Stamp Out Stigma Carmen Lee, founder

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