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I am so elated that you and 40 other writers from California Writers Club showed up today at Belmont Library, CA for the first “Major League Tryouts with Coach Teresa– Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published”

Coach Teresa & Major League Tryouts for Building Writers' Names at CWC 2010 Jan 16

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I’m cheering for you!

Coach Teresa

Teresa LeYung Ryan

Coach Teresa wants you to have a blog. Why? You can showcase your writing style, “tag” the keywords and key phrases in your blog posts — to attract agents, publishers, more fans.

Ann Foster, on CWC Peninsula Branch executive board, writes historical fiction set in Texas

Apala G. Egan (Apala, check out http://wnba-sfchapter.org)

Arnette Bourla (Arnette, where were you sitting yesterday?)

Bardi Rosman Koodrin, a visionary communicator! Bardi is Publicity Chair for CWC Peninsula Branch

Carmen Lee, founder of Stamp Out Stigma. Read about famous people with mental illness http://www.stampoutstigma.org

Catherine Byrne (Where were you sitting?)

Christopher Wachlin writes fiction, scripts, poetry. (Chris, thanks for helping Coach Teresa yesterday!)

Darlene Frank (Do you have Playbook #12?)

Darlene Rose DeMaria, spiritual mentor, Catholic Buddhist Wisdom

David Hirzel writes about Arctic, Antarctic, explorations, Tom Crean http://davidhirzel.net

Diane Warner is NOT a clown anymore.

Eve Visconti says “Personal growth through movies!”

George Jensen writes engaging stories.

Georgia Platts writes about “Having it all without doing it all” for moms whose careers are at home or outside the home.

Geri Spieler, author of Taking Aim at the President, is an investigative journalist and award-winning speaker http://gerispieler.com

Ida Lewenstein, author of a delightful children’s picture book.

Inés Villafañe-León salutes immigrants; she’s fluent in Spanish; author of 2 books http://inesalicia.com/

James Hanna writes about prison riots.

Jess Roat (Where were you sitting?)


Joyce Robins, author of Aunt Lydia’s Trousseau

Kimmelin Hull was there.

L J Anderson specializes in writing about health http://LJANDERSON.com

Laurel Anne Hill, author of Heroes Arise, writes about forgiveness, inner turmoil, unlikely heroes http://www.laurelannehill.com

Lenny Robins is Joyce Robins’ adoring husband.

Linda Okerlund, VP of CWC Peninsula Branch. (Linda, thanks again for inviting Coach Teresa to deliver “Major Leagues Tryouts for Writersto Build Your Name”)

Lisa Meltzer Penn, author of The Siren Dialogues http://LisaMeltzerPenn.com

Margaret Davis, author of Straight Down the Middle – surrogate parents http://MargaretDavisBooks.com

Martin Shane Dowd (Martin, always a joy to see you!)

Mary E. Knippel helps busy women rediscover their creative-selves http://openuptoyourcreativity.com

Mary Hanna, author of You May Already Be a Wiener! and columnist – Second Half is a running commentary on everyday life for Baby Boomers and those who love them. http://maryhanna.com/ (Mary, thanks for telling me about tags revealed or in cloud!)

Ollie (what is your last name?)

Patricia Costello writes crime fiction, with an American female protagonist in Latin America. (Patricia, thanks for asking questions.)

Riley Costello (Thanks for attending with Patricia!)

Ruth Silnes says: “Education through art.” 2 books http://RuthSilnes.com

Tia Creighton, female social satirist http://tia-creighton.livejournal.com

Tory Hartmann, a cool leader, engaging story-teller, writes about Catholic humor http://ToryHartmann.com

Valerie Lee, author of The Jade Rubies – about slave girls (Wow, Valerie!) http://ValerieLeeWorks.com

Virginia W. Thomson, author of history, Bible, Judgment Day

Everyone who was there yesterday . . . I’ll add your name if you submit a comment to this post. Let the world know you were there yesterday.

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3 Responses to “Who Were There Today? At Major League Tryouts with Coach Teresa for Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published”

  • I made the hour+ trip to this workshop specifically to learn how to generate more traffic for my website and how to become more visible online. Teresa did a great job of explaining the use of “tags”. I didn’t get to purchase her book, but plan to when it becomes an ebook (I’m into going green!).

    Some of my proposed tags are: how to survive divorce, how to survive losing a best friend, female friendship, friends are forever, women’s fiction, fiction, beach read, best books of 2009

    Thanks, Teresa, for an energetic and informative session. Can’t wait to learn more from you.



  • Thanks for the savvy tips and strategies for improving website traffic. I bought the 22 Day Playbook and plan to start my journey.
    You are so inspirational and have so much energy, it’s contagious.
    Tory Hartmnann

  • Darlene Frank says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Yes I have playbook #12 and love the “play” aspect of it. I will use it to set up my blog.

    Do you know about http://habitforge.com/? It’s a cool, free tool that helps you develop a new habit over 21 days.

    Thanks for your inspiring energy and practical tips last Saturday!


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