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Blog  is the abbreviation for  weblog (a blog is a website which provides opportunities for readers to submit their comments)

Verb:  To blog = to write posts (entries) in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.
Noun:  A blog = a shared on-line journal where you can publish your posts (entries about your experiences, observations, expertise, and hobbies); the most recently published post appears first to readers; readers can interact by submitting comments.


This post you’re reading is on my blog which is on my website (I own this site; I have to pay for domain name renewals and web hosting services)

I have a second blog (free from ) to show my clients how a free blog works.

I have a third blog at Red Room (a wonderful website where authors can sign up to receive a webpage as a Red Room Author).  However, I don’t own this blog either.

To get comfortable submitting comments to blogs,  click on the title of a post on my blog (in order to see the entire post); scroll down to get the comment boxes.  Go to: Click on “TERESA’S BLOG”  and scroll down your screen; choose a post that interests you; click on the title of the post to get the comment box.

I’d encourage any writer who do not have a blog website to get one so that  you’ll have an on-line address/URL.  These days, a blog serves as an answering center (give your fans a chance to find you and to communicate with you and still offers you privacy).  If money is an issue, then get a free blog from . Because blogs are free, they will not offer you the features you’d get on a blog website that you own. Although you could upgrade your free blog by paying fees to get extra features.  If you go with a free blog now, and, later when you get your own website, ask your webmaster to help you import your posts from the free blog to your site. If you need a guru of a webmaster, check out Linda Lee at

Your blog = a body of work that you publish on cyberspace.

After you get a blog and write some posts, remember to copy the keywords and key phrases (tags) in each post and add them to the tag box for each post. Your blog will compile a list of your tags.  Help search engines help people find you and your work through the tags.

Visit my blog often to learn how I use tags and links in my posts.

After you submit a comment to one of my posts, wait a day or so  before going to Google (or another search engine), then key in a string of words (tags) you used in your comment . . . press the “search” key . . . let cyberspace go to work.  Voila!  This is how people will find you.  I’ll tell you more in my  workbook  Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW .


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan

ebook Kindle edition $9.81

print edition $11.66

Coach Teresa’s YouTube Channel:

Teresa LeYung Ryan on facebook!

Invite Coach Teresa to conduct “Major League Tryouts with Coach Teresa to Build My Name” at your writers’ club or group.

Form a study-group, split the cost and hire Coach Teresa to:

* coach you in name-building to attract the right agent or publisher or more fans
* guide you in designing and growing your blog (to showcase your expertise and experiences)
* show you computer-navigating shortcuts and how to easily “find stuff” on the World Wide Web


In a few hours, 2009 will click into 2010. I wish everyone on this planet a safe home, nourishing food, clean water, sunshine, caring neighbors, and joyful hearts, mind, body, and spirit to be caregivers to all living things.

To writers, I wish abundant energy to work, self-confidence, and compassion to self and others.

And that goes for me too.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

Writers can afford to hire me when they form a study-group and split the costs. I can:

  • coach you in name-building to attract the right agent or publisher
  • guide you in designing and growing your blog (to showcase your expertise and experiences)
  • show you computer-navigating shortcuts and how to easily “find stuff” on the World Wide Web
  • edit your manuscript, 22 pages at a time so that you can gain tools with each installment

My new guide, Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published, will be released early 2010.


Saturday, January 16, 2010  10:00am-noon
Encourage writer-friends who are in the Belmont, CA area to attend the California Writers Club-SF Peninsula Branch meeting.
Teresa LeYung Ryan to present: “Build Your Name While You Write”
Can you relate to any one of these statements?

* Agents and acquisition editors say publishers prefer to work with authors who are already celebrities or have established platforms (i.e. means to build fan base).  How do I compete?

* I am published. There aren’t enough hours in a day to write, let alone run around and network.

* I believe in my writing and I’m committed to building my career, but, my budget is limited.

Teresa LeYung Ryan says: “You are the expert of your experiences whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction.  When you make your name synonymous with the themes/subject matters/issues in your writing, you’re building your career/platform.  Come to the January 2010 meeting.”  More Info & Registration:

February 12 – 14, 2010
The Seventh Annual San Francisco Writers Conference   ‘Building Bridges to Better Tomorrows’
The 2010 Conference will feature nearly 100 agents, authors, editors and book industry professionals in a stellar set of opportunities for writing advancement.
Look for Elisa Southard & Teresa LeYung Ryan–they will be presenting “UPPING YOUR PLATFORM: Building Your Visibility Online and Off with Your Talking Tagline”

Saturday, April 24, 2010
No. CA Publishers & Authors Conference – Join industry leaders and fellow publishers & authors for a day of insight, inspiration, and practical information.
Writing-Career Coach & Author Teresa LeYung Ryan will present:

3 Easy Steps for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors

Learn how to:
•    identify advocates, endorsers and fans.
•    gain recognition through your words and your community.
•    build your platform by reaching out, not stressing out.

How do writers thrive in the fiercely competitive industry?  Find out for yourself in this fun interactive session.
Visit: Click on “Teresa’s Blog”

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