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at the Alderson GardenDear pal Martha Alderson (the international plot consultant) and her husband Bob invited us to their home for a barbecue, so, another dear pal Marie Elena (the metaphysical consultant) and I, with our husbands, carpooled to Santa Cruz.  The 6 of us headed for The Hook, and it was a great day to do that—sunny, cool and breezy.  Surfers were out.  I called up our buddy Luisa Adams (who, with her husband, would have been with us too if she weren’t at her Enchanted Lake).

On the return trip from The Hook,  Martha wanted to walk on the beach.  Sure.  We drove all this way, let’s get onto sand.  Hmm… we had to maneuver around boulders.  I slipped on kelp and my right knee landed on something coarse. I thought  Oh now you’ve done it— it’s going to hurt  like crazy later, so, I turned back toward higher ground.  That’s when the tide rolled in and soaked my right pant leg. “Never turn your back to the ocean,” Martha advised. What a wonderful metaphor!

As we continued walking back to the house,  I thought about how Marisa (my friend who died last week) would have loved being in the water.  Here’s to you, Mountain Lake Turtle!  When we arrived at the house, I took out the Neosporin (I always have it in my bag).  Imagine my surprise when I rolled up my right pant to see that my knee was neither bloody nor bruised.  I applied some ointment anyway.  Maybe Marisa was thinking of me too.

I had a lovely time, eating, listening to everyone’s stories and my husband’s ukulele, taking a few photos, enjoying the blue sky.

8 hours later, I’m home. After tidying up my kitchen, I see in my in-box an email from Judith Marshall, telling me that her interview is on Good going, Judie!  Articulate and candid.

I see on the schedule that Margaret Davis will be on the show on June 2nd.

24-May   Judith Marshall    Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever – novel
2-Jun       Margaret Davis     Straight Down The Middle -  novel

Happy New Week, Everyone!

Teresa LeYung Ryan

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