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Saturday, February 16, 2019, 11AM – 3PM

at Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco, CA

Stepping Into Your Story: Artmaking to Access Your Identity

Workshop with visual artist / curator/ teacher Cynthia Tom

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Cynthia Tom, visual artist / curator/ teacher / founder of A PLACE OF HER OWN


Chinese Historical Society of America
965 Clay St., San Francisco, California 94108

Seating is limited – admission to Cynthia Tom’s workshop on February 16, 2019 includes entry to CHSA galleries & exhibits.
$15;  $10 for Seniors over 62 and students with ID

Dress to be a little messy, collage workshop and lecture.

Go to and click on [ BUY TICKETS ]

“Stepping Into Your Story: Artmaking to Access Your Identity”


with visual artist Cynthia Tom

Who are you? Why are you here and what for?

We provide an experiential workshop using intuitive artmaking techniques to access your inner stories in order to begin or continue your journey. In this workshop, using hands-on artmaking we begin to Explore, through discussion we learn how to Identify, and see how others Claim and use art to Proclaim their identity for healing and social change in the community. Our identity is forged by many seen and unseen forces. Take the time to discover, define and direct who you are with love and intention. While we can’t write your story in four hours, we can provide you with experiential and creative tools and next steps in defining and owning the power of You.

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Teresa Jade LeYung

Teresa Jade LeYung is an alumna of Cynthia Tom's class A PLACE OF HER OWN - photo by artist Reiko Fujii at 2018 artists' talks












Teresa Jade LeYung – founder of Love Made of Heart (aka Teresa LeYung-Ryan) speaks openly through her writing and advocacy, her immigrant experience, and her knowing Beauty.  As an author, a story consultant, and a found-object artist, she empowers women to transform their own stories and is often quoted as saying: “You think beauty,  You become Beauty.”

“We’ll Always Have Paris, Darling Friends,” says Teresa Jade LeYung Part 2

For now,  I go to Paris for Beauty.