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Author & Publisher Leigh Anne Lindsey introduced me to Beth Barany‘s impressive work and in turn Beth introduced me to what she calls two cool women’s groups in the East Bay, California–The Goddess Collective and the Ripe Paradigm.

Marta Maria Marraccin, founder of Goddess Collective, says:
“The Birthing of The Goddess Collective was inspired from pure joy. As a business woman, I have been in a successful private practice known as Quantum Belief for almost 12 years now. In my practice, I help women overcome limiting beliefs, concepts, ideas of self, and much more.”

Last month, the Goddess Collective had a gathering at the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club, 1650 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611

Ripe Paradigm is a Women’s Online Community:

“Our network is a collection of women: mothers, teachers, artists, musicians, counselors, healers, dancers, life-lovers and much, much more. Many of us live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We share generously, transparently with all the different parts of ourselves and trust that we will be given the gifts of engaged presence and respect. We hold space for this with our own curious exploration, empathy and openness to all possibilities; being ever inspiring and inspired by one another.”

Thank you, Leigh Anne and Beth, for introducing me to these forums.

What  literary and cultural-wealthy cities we have in Oakland & Berkeley, CA!

Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan celebrates literacy — photo by MKWL


Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!”

Coach Teresa’s YouTube Channel:

Coach Teresa is the author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days and Love Made of Heart.

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